Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza is a Xicana intuitive, energy worker, healer, and coach. She has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is a Reiki Master. She comes from a long line of healers from both her maternal and paternal lineages. She has 19+ years experience in researching Xicanx/Latinx psychology, 17+ years of experience in counseling, 10 years of experience teaching anti-oppressive work as a tenured Psychology Professor, and has helped hundreds of women of color on their decolonial spiritual journey. Her values lie in anti-oppressive, decolonial, liberation work and in collective healing.


Dr. Rosales Meza specializes in helping Black, Indigenous, Women of color break the cycle of ancestral trauma to reclaim their power and intuition so that they no longer live in servitude to the colonial patriarchy. Her mission is to facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual healing from an ancestral and decolonial perspective. Through her work, she guides women of color to uncover blocks to their healing and confront colonial mentality to break the cycle of the colonial trauma that is holding them back, that is keeping them stuck, and that is harming them in ways they don’t even know. A personal healing journey has allowed for much reflection and renewed energy to be able to serve her community in the ways she was not able to until now. ​


Dr. Rosales Meza is known for her ability to laser in on the exact blocks, beliefs, and behaviors that are keeping her clients stuck in a cycle of ancestral trauma. The women of color she works with are able to accelerate their healing and liberation process by reclaiming their personal power while learning how to trust their intuition as a direct result of her guidance and teachings. 


Dr. Rosales Meza does this work through using her training in psychology, her ancestral wisdom and medicine, and her psychic, empath, and intuitive abilities. She offers energy healings, sacred circles, virtual courses, and coaching.

Dr. Rosales Meza is also a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a comadre, a community member. She is the first generation born on this side of the colonial border. Dr. Rosales Meza is proud of her culture, ancestors, and actively uses them as guides in her work. Her parents are “immigrants” and her family originates from what is now known as Cuautitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. She is a native Spanish speaker and was raised in Santa Ana, Ca as the eldest daughter to a single mother. She is committed to her community and working towards collective healing and liberation. Dr. Rosales Meza is honored to be used as a vessel, to serve as a leader, healer, and teacher guided by Spirit and her ancestors.

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