Guided Spiritual Meditations

Meditations, Spiritual Journeys, and Teachings to Support you in Balancing Your Wellness to Show Up for Yourself and the Collective

Guided Spiritual Meditations

Community Favorites

Our Ocean Mother

You will be guided to spiritually connect and meditate with our ocean mother to help you cleanse your energy field. You will also be guided to connecting with healed ancestors to hold and support you. This is for you if you are seeking spiritual guidance for your path.

+  Spiritual Practices & Rituals Workbook


Ancient Tree Elder

You will be guided to spiritually connect and meditate with an ancient tree elder. You will also be given transmissions to help you learn and embody balance so that you can release guilt and allow yourself to receive and experience wellness. This if for you if you are struggling with survivor's guilt and honoring your wellness.

+  Spiritual Practices & Rituals Workbook

 The Sacred Fire & Elements

You will be guided to spiritually connect with the sacred fire to help you honor and transmute heavy emotions. This is for you if you are needing support to help you navigate the heaviness of these times.

+  Spiritual Practices & Rituals Workbook


 Guided Spiritual  Meditation Bundle

Receive all 3 guided meditations and ritual workbook as a bundled offering.

+  Spiritual Practices & Rituals Workbook


Not sure where to start?

  A Road Map to Your Journey

 An Important Note: Please know that Dra. Rocio honors your unique journey. This means you cannot make a mistake with where you start, and in what "order" you choose to journey. We trust that the teachings will meet you in divine order as they are intended. May you receive the medicine and wisdom you need.

Jennifer Elizabeth's Experience:


"Working with Dra has been invaluable to my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. I attribute my personal healing journey to be amplified through the spiritual mediation she has assisted me in building. Through these guided meditations, teachings, and ancestral wisdom I have evolved as a human to embody my spirit in the physical
I am forever in gratitude for the connection Dra has assisted me in and created a safe space for women of color such as myself to stand in my sovereignty, trust in my highest and best timelines with wisdom and grace for my ancestors and my lineage.  I am grateful Creator connected me to her, because I am a much better woman because of it. Aho

Sarah T's Experience:


"Even before the meditation, during the preparation ritual, I clarified my intentions and introduced myself to Great Mother Earth. The gifts from the meditation were exactly what I prayed for‚ÄĒI felt strong being carried by Great Mother Earth and comforted remembering how the stars have guided me here and have brought me to do the work. I experienced lightness and healing in the deepest sense‚ÄĒ-all the thoughts and feelings of unworthiness disappear with the remembering and understanding of how deeply loved and supported we all are. We are so much stronger together".¬†

Free Guided Journal Workbook + GUIDED SPIRITUAL MEDITATION

A New Earth Is Possible

This guided journal workbook created in sacred space will guide you to begin your decolonial & spiritual journey.

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