What People Are Saying

Cynthia Santiago-Borbon (she/her)


A New Paradigm of Care


"Dra. Rocio provided one of the kindest, most loving learning environments I have ever experienced in my life. As a seasoned Therapist, I have often been at the forefront of teaching others how to eliminate and reduce the oppressive practices of our training that are taught by our academic institutions with little to no support. For the first time in a long time, I got to experience what it feels like to be held and supported in a truly safe and inclusive environment with Dra. Rocio.
When you take her course, you will quickly feel that she is the true embodiment of what she facilitates in her teachings and you will experience how she seamlessly incorporates Indigenous practices and the wisdom of her Ancestors and Elders throughout the course. If you are a therapist who is truly invested in not being complicit to harmful practices in your practice you absolutely should take Dra. Rocio’s mentorship program. "


Anne Gittings

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"In this offering, I realized that I was upholding the very thing I felt was off without knowing it because of the deep white colonial programming we as white people receive.

I didn't realize that I TOO was creating and upholding the destruction through the way I lived my life.

Through Decolonial Shadow Work, I was given guidance for how to create change in right relationship, how to divest and do my part, and take up my sacred responsibility to restore balance again.

The medicine and the rituals I received also nourished me so that I can continue on the path. I was not someone who prayed before as I hated the church, and since this experience, I pray, to and WITH all that is around and this feels like the most foundational piece of my human experience.​

In this class, I was also taught how to identify the guidance of my precolonial ancestors so that my colonial ancestors don't blur and block the guidance that has been there all along.

I realized my body, my soul, my pre-colonial ancestors, mother nature, tried their best to tell me that things were way off, that my life was off, and yet I couldn't see how, couldn't understand ,until learning from Dra. Rocio.

Dra. Rocio's teachings and medicine have opened the door to the spiritual world I've always felt was here. A world I couldn't access , because I didn't do so in right relation.​

The more I embody my path, the divesting, the clearer the spiritual world becomes.

For the first time, after this experience, the world made sense to me, I understand now HOW I have benefitted from the white colonial paradigm, I understand that white colonialism has created the chaos we are currently in.


I understand my responsibility, and because the teachings come with medicine, I was able to receive with my heart so that I am able to take action.

Decolonial Shadow Work invited me to work on so many different levels and dimensions & I still feel them unfold. Her container offers truth to unlearn and medicine to heal.

This offering allowed me to see a path for my lineage back to being fully human, to being a child of mother earth in right relation, and to offer my child guidance rooted in right relation as opposed to guidance rooted in delusion and destruction.

Dra. Rocio's teachings are life-changing, and allow me to ACT for collective liberation. I so deeply honor her, her work, her courage, her love, her lineage."

Rachel (she/her)

Honoring slowness, releasing rigidity, learning to forgive myself

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"I have been working towards liberation in my artistic and personal life for over a decade. I felt called to Dr. Rocio’s work and the collective while at an impasse. I had reached certain big long-term goals and found myself stagnant and disconnected. It was incredibly difficult to cultivate new dreams while actively working in tandem with white supremacist-colonial-capitalist institutions. Part of what began to unfold was carving out specific times in my day or within my week to devote to my own healing. I knew the collective was right for me within the first 10-minutes of the first call we had together. I was moved and began to cry by the instruction to allow ourselves to feel what we were feeling and I looked around and many of the members were also allowing themselves to be vulnerable in front of strangers. I feel deeply held by the collective. The right people are in the room, actively listening, and asking the right questions while we all navigate this spirituality calling together. I feel like I have transformed in many ways and still have more work to do. Prior to joining, I didn’t really have a spiritual practice.

I would meditate from time to time but never with real intention beyond calming down from stress. Here I was able to develop rituals that work for me. One tangible thing for me is not seeking outside validation in the ways I once did. I have been able to create more sacred boundaries for myself. I concentrate my energy towards what is serving me versus what is not. To someone considering joining the collective, I’d say if you feel called to here, commit to yourself and alternative ways of being. No one can force you to show up for yourself, and I’d say this is one semi-structured way to do so. I would also say this collective might not be the right fit for you if you are unwilling to interrogate your own relationship to the systems that actively continue to harm BIPOC folx in this country. It may be an incredible fit if you are rooted in something bigger than yourself. I started to dream vividly again after joining the collective. Which feels like a radical act within itself. I love unlearning together. It makes healing that much sweeter to know there are womxn, femmes, and nonbinary folx around the world birthing a new world through our connections to spirit, the natural world, our ancestors, and these bodies. I’m grateful, and my heart is open to the possibility for the first time in a long time."

Maria Lua (she/her/ella)

Reclaiming the Sacred formally known as Decolonial Alchemy

"I appreciate so much about the Decolonial Alchemy community is that it feels like family that I am missing so much. I am of very mixed heritage and at the same time have indigenous ancestry. There are very few spaces that I feel I can safely show up as my whole self and this is one of them. The strength and teachings I receive from Dra Rocìo and her teachers and guides, and the teachers and guides and ancestors of everyone in the community is the one of greatest gifts I have received on my spiritual journey. I always miss the group so much when the year ends and I cannot wait to sign up again in the new year! The decolonial teachings around spirituality are deeply precious to me and I’m so grateful for all the teachings, protection and support. Thank you Doctora and beautiful Siblings "

Mona Feller (she/her, they/them)

Guarding Your Spirit Live Class

"I feel deeply honoured for the opportunity to receive this class. It is a gift the learn about the simplicity and power of spiritual practice and protection in right relationship and many of the practices shared correspond with the practices of my own lineage. Even more than the practices I feel deeply activated, empowered and held by the profound teaching shared. Dra. Rocio shares with great clarity and wisdom how crucial it is at these times to dismantle colonial practices, to stand in our power and to serve the restoring of harmony and balance. I walk on with a greater sense of remembrance and clear practices to continue on my journey of calling my soul back from the colonial system and work in service to the sacred prophecies. This class has been a great blessing that is still integrating. In deepest gratitude." 

Kei Kurimoto (she/her)

Shadow Work & Healing Justice

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"Finding Dra. Rosales Meza and The Decolonial Healing Collective gave me confirmation in the validity of my feelings and my intuition. In this space of being “too decolonial for the spiritual world and too spiritual for the decolonial world“ I found home...and the guidance my soul was so deeply seeking. In these months I have received so much activation to claim who I am, to reclaim my intuition and to continue on this deep path to truly remembering my voice and purpose. Dra. Rocio embodies the sacred, embodies honoring the seen and unseen realms and upholds us, to honor sacred protocol in everything we do. I feel like I am in a safe container to unlearn all the colonization that I have held in my body. I am accessing belief systems that have been programmed in me so that I can transmute them and heal. And It feels so freeing to finally have the language to be able to navigate this new reality, new earth, that we are co-creating. I think the most deeply transformative gift I have experienced from Dra. Rocio is true compassion. Compassion with self. Compassion with learning and unlearning. Compassion in a way that you can be forever changed and continue to carry that light forward to activate others. I am so grateful to this collective, to everyone showing up in this community to witness each other in feeling our wounds to reclaim. And I am so grateful to be able support the incredible brave work of Dra. Rocio, which feels like 'sacred reciprocity." 

Sista Zai Zanda 

Reclaiming the Sacred formally known as Decolonial Alchemy

"When we learn the truth about history and current affairs, it can hurt. That's real. And it calls us to be spiritual warriors who can alchemise the pain and use that energy to build a world where we all thrive. It is with Dra. Rocio that I learned it is possible to be both decolonial and spiritual, politically astute and spiritually grounded. A medicine woman in the Q'ero Inca lineage, she guides BIWFOC to spiritual sovereignty. It is the keepers of the ancient wisdom who know how to navigate these oppressive systems. Form them, we can learn to remember our own power so that we can learn to not unconsciously become like and imitate the oppressor. Dra. Rocio works with BIWFOC who are also ready to reclaim their power and intentionally build the New Earth."

Kelly Myers (she/her)

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza is a loving and wise teacher. My life has been changed in the last 18 months because of her medicine. I am a 63 year old, white woman and since being guided by Dra. Rocio, my third eye has opened, I have reconnected to Mother Earth, I have learned to listen to my healed ancestors and descendants. Had I not begun to make this transformation, I would be incapacitated by the current genocide in Palestine, unable to raise my voice loudly in protest to the Oppressors;

I would be unaware of the cruel and unjust systems of colonization right here in the US (prisons, healthcare, education, government, law enforcement, politics, economy, climate health, child poverty, immigration…) and in every capitalistic society. Dra. Rocio Rosales Mezza kindly helped me see how I have benefited from colonization; how I have been a colonizer myself. But also how to face the shame and guilt, admit it, apologize and CHANGE from within. I have so very much to learn on this path of decolonization. I will continue to study and listen and grow in love and make more mistakes along the way. But I know I am part of humanity-humankind and I’m part of Mother Earth and collectively we can create a New Earth, a world where indigenous people take the lead and love and justice applies to everyone."

Serena Viktor 

Medicine Woman - Makhosi Gogo Serena
MSW| |Certified in Indigenous Psychotherapy & NTU Psychotherapy

A New Paradigm of Care


"Dr Meza’s teachings helped me remember my ancestral medicine in ancestral ways. I felt supported through her teachings and live guidance. Being in a sacred space that respected and recognized my medicine, I know, made it easier for me to expand my therapeutic offerings steeped in honoring my ancestral lineage and decolonizing my practice by divesting from Western therapy."

Samantha (she/her)

Guarding Your Spirit Live Class

"I appreciated the Guarding Your Spirit class immensely. The structure of the course was different than anything I've encountered. It was clear that Dra. Rocio is a practitioner of the highest quality. The thoughtfulness of the details was exceptional. In trying to recount the experience to others, I found that there was so much to say, so many layers, that I couldn't capture it all. Thank you for your work, and for sharing these sacred practices. I am humbled to take them on during these difficult (and transformative) times." 

Abby Howard (she/her)


A New Paradigm of Care


“Before I started A New Paradigm of Care I was burning the candle at both ends, I couldn't answer the question, "What are your gifts?" and I was deeply caught in a colonial cycle that was harming myself and the collective.

From my first call with Dra. Rocio, I felt a greater connection to my healed ancestors and started to see more clearly not only how I was colluding with colonialism, but also a path forward to begin unlearning colonialism as a white bodied mental health practitioner.

Dra. Rocio has a gentle yet surgically precise way of speaking truth that brings transformation to her students. I now feel I can show up more fully for myself, my gifts, and the collective as I continue the life long spiritual work embodying a new paradigm. I am forever grateful for Dra. Rocio and A New Paradigm of Care”.

Cristina S.(she/her/ella)

I am a traveler, a seeker, a seed gatherer on the path of ancestral recovery and cultural creation and remembrance.
I have a PhD in Xicanx Studies and am creating a life outside of academia.

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"​I am a queer Xicana who loves to travel across the different Indigenous territories of our beautiful Abya Yala. I am currently living in my maternal lands in Mexico. I have been part of TDHC since it opened and before that I was in Dr. Rosales Meza’s WOC group on Patreon. My spirit is reassured and fed by our collective calls and the innumerable offerings including channeled messages, decolonial lessons, energy healings, and meditations that Dr. Rosales Meza generously gives us in TDHC. I am continually reminded that I am not alone on this decolonial healing journey and the conversations shared offer constant encouragement and loving guidance to help us do the challenging inner work that can allow us to build a life of greater love and of collective and personal liberation. When I joined Dr. Rosales Meza’s decolonial healing community I was on this path alone. I had taken the jump to leave my colonial job and had decided to do deeper ancestral, familial and genealogical work in my ancestral lands. I was finding the medicine and experiences I’d sought and felt deeply joyful and blessed for that. At the same time, personal and ancestral wounds were coming up for me to feel and heal and I felt much uncertainty about what came next on my path after making such a big life change. TDHC and Dr Rosales Meza’s teachings have offered important guidance and light during this time of deep shadow work that was called up as I opened myself up to ancestral healing and deep medicine work in Mexico. Work that intensified during the pandemic. With the TDHC, I know I am not alone in this journey and I receive the precise messages and guidance I need to not lose heart or faith when the journey feels overwhelming or difficult. It is heartening to know that others are experiencing similar fears or tending similar wounds from being raised in and having generations of ancestors who were injured by this white supremacist patriarchal colonial world and to understand how these patterns we seek to shift come from the colonial wounding we are here to heal. Together. This community is being built on deep trust, faith, and a commitment to our personal and collective decolonial spiritual journeys. It is in a continual process of evolution. It is based on heart and spirit work rather than on privileging our intellectualizing (colonized) mind. The journey asks that we surrender or align to the flow of spirit rather than to colonial timelines. That we release urgency and impatience. And it invites us to become more heart centered and present. If this resonates with your spirit and heart, I hope you will join us."


Kris Meilahn (she/her)

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"Dra. Rocio came to us with incredibly balanced intellect and heart. I have never been taught like this before!! I felt her presence at all times as if she was my good friend talking to me and teaching me. I felt that Dra. Rocio held us gently in her arms as shared the difficult truths that we as white people much acknowledge in order to heal. This truly is the way to learn and heal in order to free myself of lineage of the colonial mindset that I carry. Other offerings have presented things from an intellectual standpoint and honestly miss the important need for healing of the heart.

This offering was life changing for me and something my heart has been yearning for for a very long time. The medicine that you offered went in deeply to me and I feel that I am more certain in my commitment to unlearning my colonial mindset than ever before. I too now hold out for myself that the New Earth will happening within my lifetime – thank you so very much for bringing yourself, guides, and healed ancestors to this container. I very much look forward to hopefully participating in more offering in whatever way makes sense to you- in deepest gratitude.

For the first time in a very long time, maybe ever, I felt a deep connection to Mother Earth and a deepening sense of spirituality. I felt that I really got the connection between healing from the colonized mindset and the importance of deepening of my own sense of spirituality. I can not do the shadow work without the Spiritual grounding". Thank you Dra. Rocio!!

Sally Mercedes (she/they)

Reclaiming the Sacred formally known as Decolonial Alchemy

"I was not fully sure what to expect and went in with an open mind and open heart, following the nudge of my intuition. I appreciated getting to go through the content at my own pace and having consistent points of connection through the live calls, which kept me anchored to the material and community even if I was "behind." In reality, it all unfolded in perfect timing, and I often felt nourished by a specific lesson or video on the day I was able to engage.

My life has transformed since this class, in ways big and small, as I have recommitted to liberation for all as my life's work, which includes my spiritual practice, the teachers I learn from, how I spend my time, and how money flows in and out of my life. The wisdom that runs through this class played a significant role in that shift, and I am forever grateful for Dra. RocĂ­o and this sacred container."

Jodie Hansen

Guarding Your Spirit Live Class

"Thank you so much for providing time to connect in your circle and sharing practices from your lineage. I was called to take part as I have been deeply affected by the chaos and violence we are currently witnessing in the world. The rituals and thoughts you shared and the time with the community you brought together have helped me a lot to feel more grounded and connected to spirit, earth, nature and myself. It has also brought me a renewed sense of hope, possibility and resilience." 


Mother of 3, social worker, and assault survivor decolonizing for my and my children's wellbeing

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"When I first began The Decolonial Healing Collective I felt like I was crawling toward safety. Most of my relationships were toxic, I felt physically sick, lonely and battled past trauma. What I'm sharing is very personal to me, but I think it is important to share. Dra. Rosales Meza’s work was so much more than words can articulate. The work is spiritual and transcends personal development and wellness. This work for me is necessary and intergenerational. I am healing wounds that will be felt long after I am gone. I didn't know how valuable this collective would be for me until I listened to others share their experiences. This collective feels like home. I believe the colonial capitalist patriarchy is a system that is not designed for me to thrive and has created many intergenerational wounds. I do not consent to the colonial trauma and I want freedom and a new earth. This collective guides me along my journey energetically and spiritually supports me as well. If any of this aligns with you I hope you join us."

Laurie Jackson (she/her)

Divine Alignment

"I am deeply grateful for the sacred container that Dra. Rocio holds for her participants. I felt the relief and safety of being supported by Spirt and ancestors throughout the learnings, which helped me feel more clarity in my own sacred work that I am here to do. Through learning with Dra. Rocio, I am starting to know and trust what alignment feels like in my work and in my Being and to gain more discernment between what is fear and what is actually misalignment. I am growing in using my voice and experiencing people in resonance drawing nearer to me, and in staying in contact with benevolent spirts and the sacred as I go to work and talk about my work. I have an increased ability and trust in balancing collective care with self-care, and I have more courage and freedom to be transparent about my values and open about my work shifting from mainstream western models to an ancestral remembering and earth-based worldview."

Delicia Alarcon (she/her)

The Decolonial Healing Collective



Carmen Doane-Barkan (she/her)

Reclaiming the Sacred formally known as Decolonial Alchemy

"There were many things that I appreciated about this journey. From being guided into deeper relationship with Mother Earth, to regularly gathering to struggle and stumble, through the work of decolonizing with a group of beautiful, like-hearted women, to gently and consistently interrogating the colonial programming that controlled even the subtle aspects of my life, this journey, Dra. Rocio and her guides were right on time every time. The medicine offered in this course, though not always comfortable, helped to heal my nervous system, my perspective on the way I engage with my job and with my community, and continues to support my journey and learning to be in right relationship with all of Life. This is big, big work, and there is nothing more important than this work at this time on the Earth. I will to continue my work of decolonial alchemy for the rest of my life, As I continue to participate in midwifing the dying Age of colonialism with heart, attention and gratitude, and attend to the remembering and rebirthing of the beautiful, balanced, healed Earth that I know in my bones is coming!"

Chris (they/them)

Guarding Your Spirit Live Class

"If you honor your mistakes as a way to learn, you can bring them here, and allow yourself to be seen. This is a safe place to begin undergoing the process of replacing harsh, jittering, or urgent energy with something that flows like water, both firm and giving; a conscious, protective fierceness. In learning to better protect myself, I also began to better understand the harmony that supports true compassion. This course has given me ways to fight back against energies I had mistaken for being a part of me. By learning how to push back, I am now beginning to understand the feel of spiritual warfare, and how through judgement of myself I have allowed those energies to make their home inside of me. Thank you, Dra. Rosales for your offerings." 

Rosanne Mayeda (she/her)

Filipina, wife, mother decolonizing, deconstructing, and rebuilding

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"For those considering joining The Decolonial Healing Collective, please know that the work is HARD. Yes – we want to feel better, to know our purpose, for justice, for peace, for hope and a better future. But, we are still in the middle of it. There will be moments of feeling connected to an amazing group of people who will hold space for you and for each other. However, we are also unlearning so many of the destructive lies that we have each incorporated into our minds and bodies. All of this, as Dra. Rocio continues to remind us, takes time to undo, unlearn, and believe the whole truths of ourselves. We commit to show up for each other and ourselves; but we also lovingly and willingly give space to each other. It’s freedom, and we are all getting used to how that really feels in practice and not just in words. As we go through this and as Dra. Rocio has taught and is leading us to, all of this is bigger than ourselves. It will probably mean giving up old ways of thinking, seeing yourself and others differently. Dra. Rocio is a loving, caring, intuitive teacher, person, Seer and guide of all of us. Her honesty, authentic personhood and consistent integrity to act and live as her guides, ancestors and Spirit have led her has been a gift and blessing to us all. I have learned so much through her, and I am excited that others will have the opportunity to continue to do so, too."

Loni (she/her)

Writer, Turtle Island dweller by way of Corea, Pisces

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"I think I am only now beginning to grasp how much The Decolonial Healing Collective has meant to be these past few months.

"The essence of the collective is to connect with kindred spirits that will join you to create a New Earth together, something that we've not really seen before. The collective will give both the strength and guidance you need for the long haul. I think in our world we have lost so much of what it means to live within a community and have mentors and guides and elders. A village. In this collective, I feel that we've been able to create something of that old way of being that has been lost. And so I've benefitted immensely just from witnessing those who are further along the spiritual journey than I am, as well as connecting with those who are only just setting off, like myself. I have also come a long way in understanding that spirituality is not something I need to "set aside time for" but something that can be embraced as part of my everyday, even if I "fail" to meditate that day, or spend time "doing spiritual things" — that you can be always connected with spirit."

Cindy Kohlmiller (she/her)

Ashland, OR on the land of the Shasta & Tahoma peoples

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"Ripples of Dra. Rocio's teachings continue to move through me and I continue to experience moments of synchronicity with her teachings. For this reason, it is difficult to share what I received as I continue to receive. I received a better understanding of some of the ways in which I continue to inadvertently cause harm through colonial programming and a more solid framework for living without that programming. While Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the U.S. have suffered disproportionately under the colonial system, I now see the ways in which I (and other white folx) suffer. I understand how I need to continue on this learning journey of decolonization to restore my humanity and be in right relationship with all humans. My social justice / collective liberation education prior to attending Dra. Rocio's class / circle was important and educational and this weekend's learnings landed in my body and my soul in a different way that prior teachings.

Dra. Rocio was both teaching us about decolonization and demonstrating it by holding her students with loving accountability to help us learn and grow. I highly recommend this course for any white folx who are spiritually-minded and on the journey of dismantling racism, of collective liberation, of social justice - those who have learned and are wondering how to make a real shift, those who have an intellectual understanding and have not yet felt the soul or embodied connection to a different way of being.

Dra. Rocio held us in loving kindness in a container of spirituality and empathy we co-created under her guidance and teachings. As Dra. Rocio stated, it was a "brave" space for us to show up fully, allow her teachings to land, and to begin to shift beyond learning into actively being in alignment with a decolonial life and justice for all".

Natalie Johnson she/her

Guarding Your Spirit Live Class

"I appreciated the workbook and engaging in the rituals ahead of the class. It was a deep honour to be guided by Dra Rocio. I found it hard to stay awake as the energy felt so deep, and nourishing it knocked me out in a good way. I am in the UK so I went straight to sleep following it, and slept so deeply like I was held. The next day I used one of the rituals before, during and after attending a Palestine protest with my 4 month old son. I was able to draw on the courage that we brought in during the circle and felt much less fear than I usually do. Since the class I have been guided towards what practices not within my culture I can use at this time, and what I should not use. I deeply appreciated connecting with pre-colonial ancestors. Overall I feel more supported by the spirit realm and less alone as I am guided to new ways to be of service in these times - thank you for the medicine and for your wisdom - I will honour and treasure it and use it as guided and in right relation - thank you x" 

Yasmin Van

Unlearning Colonial Mentality & Healing From Colonial Servitude Course

"From the Unlearning Colonial Mentality & Healing From Colonial Servitude webinar I received validation around my desire to learn and connect with other BIPOC and being more conscientious about where/who I receive my information from. My perspective on how/why I do things has broadened. I look at how colonialism and slavery continues to shape my thoughts and actions and how that impacts my role as mother, friend, social worker, etc."

Lauren Haynes (she/her)

School Counselor

Guided Spiritual Meditation

"I participated recently in three collective spiritual meditations. I loved that we were encouraged to spiritually cleanse beforehand and that at the start of each session Dra. Rocio gave an outline of what we could expect during our time together. Because of these preparations I felt safe, calm, and open to the messages, guidance, and healing that came through Dra. Rocio. During each session I experienced the most beautiful and loving connection with my ancestors, spirit, and higher self. I would encourage you to participate in this spiritual meditation if you are in need of guidance for connecting and healing your soul."

Portia K (she/her)

Seeker of liberation

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"When I first began The Decolonial Healing Collective I felt like I was crawling toward safety. Most of my relationships were toxic, I felt physically sick, lonely and battled past trauma. What I'm sharing is very personal to me, but I think it is important to share. Dra. Rosales Meza’s work was so much more than words can articulate. The work is spiritual and transcends personal development and wellness. This work for me is necessary and intergenerational. I am healing wounds that will be felt long after I am gone. I didn't know how valuable this collective would be for me until I listened to others share their experiences. This collective feels like home. I believe the colonial capitalist patriarchy is a system that is not designed for me to thrive and has created many intergenerational wounds. I do not consent to the colonial trauma and I want freedom and a new earth. This collective guides me along my journey energetically and spiritually supports me as well. If any of this aligns with you I hope you join us."


Lucas Wirtz's 

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"Taking part in the Decolonial Shadow Work course was a beautiful and transforming journey, through the work of Dra. Rosales. It is so rich in lessons, medicine and healing form her that I don't know where to start naming some of it. I have always questioned the way we live, from my early years on. But it was not until I found the work of Dra. Rosales, that I finally got to see so much more depth in the work that we all should to take on us, for the world to enter a new paradigm. Work that will lead us away from the harmful ways the colonial system has robbed us all from our capacity to be fully human.

She is so full of compassion and commitment for the work that we as white people need to do, it crumbled al lot of the shame and guilt I used to feel. I feel that still a lot of everything I received from her in this course needs to settle somewhere in my body and I also know that my spirit is already working with me on this path and doesn't need to have it all spelled out. You guided me back to seeing my own humanity. Thank you so much Dra. Rosales, for all the love and guidance you bring!"

Ana Isela

Earth Based Medicine/Alchemist

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"I'm here decolonizing and birthing the new earth with  BIPOC relatives.  I used to think that being part of an only BIPOC group was divisive. It has been the best investment to my healing. It was during one of my 1:1 sessions with Dr. Rocio that I learned how deeply colonized I was. I had been hurt in spaces that didn't look like me "white spaces" and yet here I was feeling guilty for possibly hurting them. I was worn out from feeling like I don't belong, and making myself small. In the Decolonial Healing Collective I feel very safe. My decolonizing path has deepened due to listening to all the relatives express their truths in writing or verbally.  Colonizer mentality is deeply rooted in each one of us and we can dismantle colonialism together.  Having this group especially with everything that has transpired during 2020 is a true gift. 

When we come together energetically I truly feel the warmth of this collective and I know that together we receive the medicine we need. We do the work with ourselves and share our higher self with the people around us.  With each energy healing session we shed a little bit of our old self. The messages that Dr. Rocio channels  are so poignant for our times. The energy healing is unique to each group. I feel proud to reclaim my indigenous roots. I feel empowered to speak for my ancestors. I know that my healing is theirs too.  We learn and heal together in this sacred safe container. Dr. Rocio is a divine gift to humanity. Her work is priceless. We are love. We are meant to be here and so are you."

Nathan Brisby (he/him)


A New Paradigm of Care


I came into Dra.'s cohort longing for guidance and support around my role as a spiritual companion and counselor. I had a felt sense that I needed to slow down in order to come into a deeper understanding of the ways I have internalized colonization as a European-American, and how that has affected the support I wish to provide others.

This cohort experience helped me deepen my understanding of so many subtle ways to get back into right relationship, to hold onto a baseline of joy, to resist the norms of domination and exploitation, to honor my unique medicine, and to hold a vision of our collective liberation. Through her gentle guidance, Dra. helped us (and me) to collectively call back our spirits”.


Just spirit earth being, my soul work is to share my gifts through music

Guided Spiritual Meditation

"So thankful to have been involved in 3 of @dr.rosalesmeza’s collective spiritual meditations. Not only did they provide a safe space to listen but after each session I left with the feelings of safety, reassurance, inspiration & clarity. Reminders that I am forever held by earth and tapped in with my ancestors through Earth’s core. A reminder to my inner knowing of connection to our true selves and our higher self. Working on decolonisation of self and healing - this was just what I needed. I loved the guided meditation - I could visualise everything so clearly and it definitely helped me connect to my higher self. Lessons and reminders that stayed with me long after the sessions. Thank you so much, Dra. Rocio, I know this helps us as a community and I would recommend this collective meditation to any POC who’s looking to decolonise their spirit and soul, connecting back to earth and their ancestors with these necessary reminders."

Hasina Shah (she/her/hers)

Life-long unlearner committed to healing

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"Since joining The Decolonial Healing Collective, I’ve felt so deeply connected to Mother Earth and my ancestors for the first time. I feel shielded and protected by ancestral love. I trust in divine time more now than I ever have, and have seen my spiritual practice shift from an individual to a more collective practice. I’m so so grateful to be in this space with other BIWFOC who also feel deeply called here. It really does feel like home. A place where we can all show up fully in our humanity and I’m filled with joy and gratitude to be apart of it."

Nicole Johnson, Nicole (she/her)

Guarding Your Spirit Live Class

"I appreciated the validation and recognition that the colonial energy is heavy and foreign. We are not meant to thrive in it. I think I needed to shift my focus to protection, cleansing and calling myself back. The information on soul loss was very resonant and I felt I was able to heal a few pieces, I was surprised by what came up for me as specific experiences of soul loss in my own life. Thank you for leading this powerful experience and sharing your wisdom and strong but soothing energy with us ❤️." 

Jessica Palmert (she/her/hers)

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Consultant & Dream Worker

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"My experience with the White Colonial Mind class was different from other offering because it wasn't soley intellectual. The meditations, the actual vibration played through out, the pace and repetition made it more like a communal ritual verses a "class".

Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza, I am in awe at your capacity and openness to doing this potent work. It was powerful to witness you navigating and co-creating the space. It was humbling to watch you evoke and orchestrate the healing for so many students simulatenously. The grace, rigor and compassion you demonstrated was tremendously impactful. I have said and will continue to say I was shifted on the cellualar level. I have been and continue to awaken from colonial, patriarchcal, capitalist slumber and my collusion with these systems. I have a lot to learn about how my people and I have benefited from and perpetrated these systems. I do not want to be blind to this collusion. I am committeed to being responsible and teaching my children how they too are responsible and what our role is in interrupting these systems. I am grateful for the opportunity to be your student and for your invitation to continue the work. I would greately benefit from your continual teaching and I respect your capacity limitations.

I have been shifted on the cellular level as a result of sitting in this circle. I cannot "unsee" or "unknow" the realities that Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza has revealed to me. I am deeply grateful for this download and feel like it has fundamentally changed the way that I interact with BIPOC folxs in my life. I listen more. Deeply listen and don't attempt to come up with "solutions" or answers for what I am listening to. Rather I have shifted into grateful witness and one who is honored to even have the information shared with me so that I can continue to learn and grow. I have also noticed that I am more compassionate with fellow white people.

This circle with Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza shifted me personally and publicly. There are not really enough words to express my graditude or my life long committement to unlearning and learning. If you are considering joining I would suggest this be your top priority. I have personally reached out to many of my white collegues and co-conspiritors and asked them to sit in this ritual space with Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza. I feel very strongly that we all need this download before we continue our individual and collective work".

Sepideh (she/her)


Guided Spiritual Meditation

"It’s hard to put into words my experience of the collective spiritual mediation. But I’ll try. For me it was incredibly powerful and affirming in ways I was not even aware that I needed. The affirmation of being in a space held and facilitated by a WOC healer. I felt so held, seen, and connected to by everyone in the space. It felt like the messages coming through where speaking directly to my soul. My overall experience of the meditation was of unconditional love from Spirit, the Universe, and my ancestors. I went in with a strong intention of connecting my my female ancestors and felt their presence and love in a palpable way. I was left with so many powerful downloads the night of and the entire week following. And, with so much clarity and comfort in being in my voice and truth. This is truly powerful and deep soul work. I’m so grateful to have found a space where I can be held in my experience without the white gaze pathologizing my experience, culture, ethnicity, and ancestors."

Arina Bleiman (she/her)

Filmmaker, Educator

Decolonizing & Aligning with the New Earth Class

 "1. It is a great honor to enter a like-minded community and find a sense of hope. To know that there are other passionate people envisioning, creating, and welcoming in a new earth - one that is people and heart centered. 2. If the work calls to you, answer the call, there is only healing and growth ahead on this journey of love. 3. My vision of my work in film and education is transforming. I know that the systemic injustice and violence that I have both witnessed and endured in these fields are not acceptable and cannot carry on. I can see now that I have to be a part of building the new and preserve my energy when fighting the old. I'm starting to understand that my sensitivity and open heart are strengths and bridges to this new place, that I am not alone in this mindset, and that there is a truly immense power in our joined ideas, intentions, and actions. I am so grateful to receive this sacred medicine and to continue on my soul's journey. Thank you for sharing this medicine with me, I hope to continue learning, evolving, and building a better world.

Ashley Conrad (she/her)

Community Organizer, Facilitator, and Healer

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"Working with Dr. Rosales Meza and the Decolonial Healing Collective has shifted my perspective and healing journey in so many ways! The thoughtful space she has curated provides me with the much needed opportunity to show up as my whole self in community with others committed to birthing the New Earth through compassion and accountability."

Em Kindschy

Life & Leadership Coach, I support people to return to a deep sense of self as they conspire for their joy & meaningful impact

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"I have participated in many anti-racist offerings, some of which were specifically just for white folks. While those offerings felt informative and integral to my learning, this offering felt like it provided me with those same things in addition to a deep sense of healing that I didn't even know that I needed in order to deepen my own connection and commitment to this work.

I received teachings that felt deeper than previous offerings I’ve participated in that were focused on anti-racism work. Something has always felt “missing” for me and this offering was exactly it -- I received important frameworks that allowed me to really connect the dots in a way that I had not before as well as being able to use that framework to more meaningfully identify the places within myself that I am colluding with these violent systems. While I had done that in my anti-racism work, doing this kind of shadow work from a decolonial lens is both painful and healing in an entirely different way.

I feel like I have always cognitively/intellectually known the importance but this class and circle provided me with what I needed to deeply FEEL this truth in a way I had not before. I feel like everything is now aligned for me in such a way that I feel ease in my movement through shame, guilt, and fear when it comes up so that I may be intentional with my engagement as an accomplice in this movement. It has allowed me to renew my sense of healthy urgency which has made my commitment to it feel authentic, exciting, and freeing because I know so deeply that anything in pursuit of the freedom and liberation for all will also be the best for me as an individual. If it is in the collectives’ highest good, then it is in my highest good.

Give yourself the gift of learning from Dra. Rocio. The labor that she provides for free on social media (which she should be compensated for, too) is only just the tip of the iceberg of what is necessary to truly do the work of decolonizing your life. This work requires white folks to give up wealth, power, time, and energy (all what we have expected to extract from BIPOC for centuries and continue to either actively collude with or remain complicit in) and this sacred circle is just a small step in doing that in the ways that we need to so that we can truly be accomplices in this movement. You will not regret it, I promise you".

Kristina K (she/her)

Granddaughter, daughter, sister, mother, medicine through movement

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"The Decolonial Healing Collective has been a place to learn, unlearn and relearn. Through the collective I have been able to dive deeper into my journey of decolonization. The lessons, conversations and calls have helped me to do the heart work and grounding into Mother Earth and spirit- rituals that I have been needing. The distance healings are powerful. Through this work I have opened up my mind but more importantly my heart- To reconnect to my ancestors, to my land, to my people."

Matreena Noland

Massage Therapist and Reiki healer

Guided Spiritual Meditation

"I loved the Collective Meditation! It gave me time to pause and connect with others of like mind. It was such a gift to feel and know others were holding space for Me- and for one another. I have a deep never ending desire to seek Real Connection, create healing for myself and others... to usher in love and change for humanity and our planet. If you are seeking to enrich your soul and heighten your connection to self and others, then listen to your inner voice and start to journey within, with Dr. Rosales Meza."

Meghan Patino

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"I've grown in awareness and language to name how the colonial programming shows up in me. I've received the importance of feeling shame and guilt as a guide to come back to integrity vs. a place to remain. A huge benefit from this experience was to declare what is enough and to recognize as a white body person, I was not conditioned to be able to answer this. The "never enough" shows up for me all over the place and I can think doing more is of service, but I see how it perpetuates a colonial mindset. I have received permission (from myself) to listen to and trust from a spiritual and rooted place. I've also stepped into reconnection, forgiveness and healing with my ancestors that I have been holding at a distance because I do not like what they reflected back to me.


I felt held in the space. I felt love and also power to do the work. I'm able to bring this way of holding space with deep love and rootedness into the work I do with other white folx who are open to anti-racist work. I've released more of my white exceptionalism that gets in the way of the work".


The Healing Power of Truth Teaching

"I have been following Dr. Rocio's work for a long time and now felt the call to connect deeper with her work in these times of radical division between truth and confusion. I appreciate the deep medicine, filled with gratitude, love and foremost, clarity, in these times that Dr. Rocio is giving. My intention for the class was to release my fear to speak my truth, become more brave and embodied so that I myself can see more clearly and show up stronger and more fierceful in full integrity. My heart and hope were expanded last night and I continue to receive her medicine, feeling an inner shift already. Thank you so much for this offer dear Dr. Rocio. In deep gratitude."

Francisca Cázares (she/her/ella)

Mother/writer/artist/future ancestor

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"I feel held and understood in ways that I had not experienced in other circles in The Decolonial Healing Collective. And it’s very true that this group is for those who are too decolonial for the spiritual world and too spiritual for the decolonial world. On the spiritual end, just as the collective began, I started to experience stronger visions after regular group energy work, the synchronicities I experience are all the more powerful. On the decolonial end, I am more conscious of keeping my boundaries, and far less apologetic about finding happiness and joy even in moments of challenge because, as Doctora Rocio says, joy is radical. The work is not necessarily easy as there is much shadow work involved to facilitate the kind of deep healing decolonizing requires. However, the lessons needed come when I am ready, and so surrender has been a humbling and important piece of the journey. As such, I’d recommend to anyone wanting to join to approach with an open heart, and ready to receive what they need, all in divine time." 

Sara W (she/her)

Mother, student, animal lover

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"This experience is hard to quantify. I can say that I had an “idea” of what to expect, and it was much different, and such a natural form of surprise. Dra. Rocio held an entire collective of yt folks in such compassion, and it’s not necessarily earned. She sees that we are here and walks by our side. She is a powerful soul, who is committed to birthing a new Earth that holds all humans in the same hands. She called us in, while gently holding us accountable.

I received potent medicine and powerful messages. Ones that I wish to forward to the yt people in my circle. She sent the important message that we are all needed to make this shift possible.

I had been doing surface work for a couple years, but this container was a much deeper dive. This sacred circle is so much more than reading a book, or listening to a podcast. It is geared toward yt folks, to allow us to SEE how we show up, how we continue to collude, and how to end that tie to the colonial paradigm.

I felt comfortable in my own silence- i was open to receiving her medicine. My input did not matter, I was there to learn. She spoke to us in a way that made the need to ask questions less urgent. I connected and recognized my own sense of urgency, which is colonial, and I was able to begin to disarm that in me, in relation to my interactions with BIPOC.

This circle has birthed a duty in me. I must always self-examine, I must always see myself in its most truthful form, thus, allowing me to answer the question, “How am I continuing to collude?” with integrity. I am forever a student, my work will never be finished".

Ashley Conrad (she/her)

Community Organizer, Facilitator, and Healer

Unlearning Colonial Mentality & Healing From Colonial Servitude Course

"The Unlearning Colonial Mentality & Healing From Colonial Servitude webinar has encouraged me to investigate my own colonial mentality so that I can continue to transform my relationship with myself and my community. The is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about colonial conditioning and how we, as individuals and a collective, can being to reclaim our relationship with Mother Earth, remember the wisdom on our benevolent ancestors, and live in harmony with our soul’s purpose.

"I have received so many benefits from attending the webinar! Most notably, the webinar gave me tools and language to reflect on my own experiences and decolonizing journey. I am now able to name patterns of colonial mentality within myself and am actively seeking ways to unroot these harmful thought processes and behaviors and move into a more intuitive, authentic version of myself.
"What I loved most about the webinar was the depth of knowledge and care Dr. Rosales Meza brought into the space. I felt Spirit use her as a vessel and felt our energy contained as a group which is very difficult to do when we are working through historical and generational trauma that may come up."

Dayane Mendoz Solis (she/her)

Accounting and Mutual Aid

Guided Spiritual Meditation

"This was the first spiritual meditation I’ve attended with Dra. Rocio. I felt so comfortable throughout the experience because she ensured I knew how to prepare for the meditation. I prepared by following the suggested ritual and by setting my intentions for healing. I loved how beautiful the meditation circle was, you truly feel everyone’s energy and connect openly through Dra. Rocio. I felt safe, I felt acknowledged, I felt cared for, and I felt loved. As I type this message, my heart feels overwhelmed with so much of the love the meditation circle left with me. I experienced meditation in a way I hadn’t before. I learned I can always connect with my ancestors and with nature for strength; I feel so driven to continue my spiritual growth and soul purpose. To someone considering joining, I say, invest in healing and loving yourself and be open to receive in abundance."

Anne Marie Lister (Anne) (she/her)

Beautician, Esthetician, Body Artist

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"Wow, I do not have the words to express my transformation fully. Emotionally, I feel human and hopeful for the future. I feel like showing up as a decolonial accomplice I know how to position myself as a white person to limit the harm I cause. I benefited by the language Dr. Rocio offered in positioning myself as a white person that wants to be in alignment with decolonization and also in alignment with BIPOC folx and Mother Earth. I received clarity, a deeper sense of grounding and stronger roots. In the class and circle, I felt vulnerable and open-hearted. I also felt grounded and supported. I appreciated all the moments she reminded us to breath and was extremely grateful for the opening meditation and journaling. It was also empowering being in community with other white folx who see the need to unlearn our white colonial mind.

Before this experience I was stuck in a swamp of self oppression. I was traumatized by fellow white folx and their “spirituality”. Feeling like I was going crazy. Full of fear of being visible and speaking out against problematic people and problematic ideas that are considered the “social norm” . I was overwhelmed with conflicting feelings about being white and how to show up in right relationship to BIPOC folx, Great Spirit, and Mother Earth. Lots of fear was transmuted through Dr. Rocio's teachings/healings. Bless the stars for this confirmation of how harmful colonialism and whiteness are. I personally have always felt on the fringe of whiteness. This circle has given me peace of mind that it is okay that I am not accepted by the white community. I have been interested in decolonization since I learned the truth of the Genocide of Native Americans by the United States Government and colonization.

Decolonization is the answer it is at the root of healing the Earth. I fully believe with my heart and soul that Indigenous knowledge has the answers and it will be Indigenous lead and lead by BIPOC. Whiteness is what has caused disharmony on this earth. The leaders of the new Earth are Indigenous and BIPOC. My perspective is that I be humble, ask how may I be of service for BIPOC and the new earth, listen, and act in right relation with BIPOC and the Earth as a white person. And repeat, this is a lifestyle a life of a student, a life of learning. I am in a commitment of being in perpetual unlearning from my white colonial mind. Also always giving credit to my teachers who I have learned from and to actively divest from white peoples. Yt are my peers not teachers in the new earth. Confirmation that compassion and courage is vital to this decolonization movement. For someone considering joining I would say trust yourself and learn from Dr. Rocio, she is incredibly grounded and offers powerful medicine. If you are wanting to heal from whiteness and be in right relationship as a white ally/accomplice to BIPOC and the new earth she has resources to plant that seed. She is incredibly compassionate and this circle is life changing."

Katrina Bitanga (she/her)

Amateur astrologist, divine with tarot, aspiring urban planner

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"I love how intentionally co-created The Decolonial Healing Collective sacred space is. It’s rare to see healing spaces reserved solely for BIWOC. Since I’ve joined, I’ve surrendered heavy energy and aspects of my ego to the spirit, Mother Earth, and the collective. Because of Dra. Rocio’s healings and teachings, and the openness of the collective, I’ve released a lot of energetic attachments and cords that kept me small. I am more compassionate, patient, loving and feel the love and protection of my ancestors so much more than ever before. This collective allows me to see and hear one another, and allows me to be seen and heard."


The Healing Power of Truth Teaching

"I am so grateful that I have attended this class. My heart told me to do so and I answered the call. Thank you for your Teachings, your Love, Compassion and Integrity dear Rocio. I have a lot of decolonization work to do in my family, and I feel powerful and able to do the necessary now and know, that I am on the right path. It is now that we have to stand strong and together for our rights and beliefs.Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

Carly Kane (she/her)

Stand up comedian and artist

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"This class will be processed spiritually, emotionally, somatically, and at the level of the unconscious and subconscious psyche. This experience is just as much healing as it is unlearning and divesting. Folx that participate will be changed on a cellular level and will experience a deep transformation that is needed for the self and the greater collective for our collective healing and liberation that starts with being accomplices to BIPOC in the decolonial movement.

  This class and circle was different than other offerings because of the spiritual aspect. Dra. Rocio provided so much knowledge and also energy healing. The spiritual element was absolutely transformative and to be taught and led that way was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I benefited from this experience because it is work I have felt necessary in my soul and I didn’t know where to begin when it came to unlearning colonial programming as a white person. It gave me more insight on how to be better aligned in my life and to reduce harm for BIPOC. In the class I felt challenged, discomfort, compassion, excitement for a better future, and transformative healing- true spiritual healing that I didn’t know was possible in a virtual space. I’ve been on my anti-racism journey for a few years, and still have felt there was so much work to be done- I didn’t fully understand that decolonization unlearning as a white person was what was necessary alongside anti-racism work, my knowledge was limited to the extent. The difference of the two, and how everything is a colonial space aside from indigenous spaces, as Dra. Rocio taught me.

This sacred container was earth-shattering and made me reflect on the ways I live and interact that cause harm and are so deeply ingrained in me. (This is just the beginning.) I learned from Dra. Rocio the difference between an ally and an accomplice, the sacrifice of power as a necessity, reevaluating work and money and the spaces I’m a part of. I would say this class should be mandatory for white people that desire to be in alignment and genuinely want a better world for BIPOC and are willing to face their discomfort head-on. It is transformative, necessary, and will change your life. I appreciate Dra. Rocio's healing methods, they’re so deeply powerful and beyond logic and mind which was so necessary for me. The deepest gratitude".

Cristine D (she/her/ella)

An educator, a reiki practitioner & folk herbalist

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"I love how The Decolonial Healing Collective is warm, compassionate, and nurturing. I joined the collective in the summer of 2020. I have craved more opportunities to build deeper connections with others and share space with folks who are committed to their own decolonial journeys. I wanted to learn, unlearn, and be held in that process. By being in the collective these past five months, I have started reconnecting with the earth and tapping into my intuition. I offer myself the compassion and care I share with others. I am worthy. I am enough. If you are looking for teachings that bring clarity, healings that support your wellness, and community that is genuine and vulnerable, consider saying yes to you."

Katelyn Badali (They/she)

Learner of that which will bring back balance to all things

Decolonizing & Aligning with the New Earth Class


"Any time I get the chance to learn from either of these amazing healers Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza and Marilu Shinn it is life changing and transformative. They both have a way of braking down information so that is able to be understood, absorbed, and implemented. They both teach with love and compassion.

This offering had so many ways in which to reconnect and bring about balance within self, those around us, and back with our divine mother earth Gia. Ways in which to heal, reconnect, and bring about peace and harmony for all, and with our sacred land.

I highly recommend if you get the opportunity to learn from Dra. Rocio and/or Marilu you take it. Be ready to transform for the collective betterment. Some truth can be extremely painful, growth comes from pain, both these amazing healers help this transition be as pleasent as possible. So if your ready to grow, not only for yourself but for the sake of everyone and all things, learn from these healers and forever be transformed.

So much love and gratitude for Dr. Rocio Rosales Mza and Marilu Shinn."

Kristina Gonzales (she/they)

Healing our heart space and focusing on self-love and reunion with our divine selves.

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"The decolonial healing collective is about community that my soul has been longing and searching for. It’s a space where I feel welcomed in all parts of who I am. Never feeling any shame, guilt, or judgements and if so then realizing that it is just a program that was instilled in my mind and is not true. It’s about unlearning all that holds me back, while learning that which is my own sacred medicine and using it to help anchor in the New Earth. The decolonial healing is for those who believe in dismantling the colonialism patriarchal capitalistic society that we currently live in, and in order to do that we must first heal ourselves and our minds and soul. It is for those who truly do believe in living in right relationship with self, COMMUNITY, Source, and Mother Earth. It is for those who are seeking to do deep hard work in order to liberate themselves from the toxic energies that were carried into our blood from our lineage. It is for those who are ready to write their own story and legacy.

"I have benefitted from the decolonial healing collective and Dra. Rocio’s offerings because I feel myself much more secure in who I am. Ever since joining this community I feel much more compassion for myself, more aligned and in tune with my whole being.  I was able to learn that the heavy things I feel sometimes aren’t even mine to carry or hold onto. I’ve learned that I’m ready to release those old narratives, and instead call in and welcome in the new that is meant to bless myself, community, and my lineage. It really allowed me to see that I am never alone, in community and in Spirit. As I hold more compassion for myself I feel it beaming out to others while not having to compromise who I am and my own well-being."

Kathleen Oh

Integration Coach

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"The benefit is beyond words. I received a safe, compassionate, brave container for profound discovery. I felt the sacredness of the space immediately. It is an honour to be in the presence of Dr. Rocio. The presentation made me feel calm. I found the not linear teaching method gave me permission to relax to be open, and receive profound learning. The compassion and love shared were powerful. It was powerful to understand the colonial "cycle" we are in and that was created. We are being called to heal the trauma our colonial ancestors were not capable of resolving. I focused on dismantling White Supremacy and antiracist education, inclusion and equity. It was only in recent months (3-4 months) that I realized that decolonization was different work. I feel I know have a clear defining in the work of an accomplice. How to position and amplify my teachers and the voices of BIPOC has created an opportunity to speak without questioning if it is performative. The actions backed up and how to lead by learning and inviting others to participate is very clear and meaningful. Dr. Rocio is a timeless portal. She brings the past and the future together with dignity and grace. Her teaching is medicine."

Maira Hernández (she/her/ella)

Author & Cultural Guide

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"I found Dra. Rocio and The Decolonial Healing Collective, when I returned to the “U.S.”, after having quit my job to live in my Mexican maternal lands with my abuelo’s. And it was as if it was meant to be because I needed a place where I felt like I was still tied to the wisdom of my cultural roots. The collective has been the one place I felt like the values I learned in México could still thrive. These values brought me peace, tranquility, and community and I was happy to be in a place that shared them. When I returned from México I had reverse culture shock, from coming from such a tranquil community environment back to the fast-pace of the city where it’s easy to feel alone. The collective has been the place that holds me rooted to my ancestral values in community with other like-hearted souls— there’s not a lot of places in the U.S. that hold space for that and I feel lucky to be a part of it. The collective for me is the place that I come to fill my cup, when I walk away from the calls I feel centered, connected, and aligned with my purpose— which for me is so necessary having lived in the corporate culture that is often misaligned with my values. Dra. Rocio has a beautiful way of staying connected and providing guidance that brings me back to center. If you are thinking of joining, know that the collective is unique and beautiful in their energy and purpose. Even though I have yet to meet many of the souls in person, I feel so connected and fully seen by this wonderful community. "

Lys C (she/they)

The Healing Power of Truth Teaching

"Dra Rosales Meza created such a calming, uplifting atmosphere and I hung on every word. I feel more connected to community and better equipped to face these uncertain times. Even my animals fell asleep during the teaching. I will be recommending this to friends whom I know are also struggling with colonialism. "

Amanda Crew (she/her)


Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"To say that The Unlearning & Divesting from the White Colonial Mind class was life-changing is an understatement. It’s been a week and I’m still processing the profoundly educational and spiritual experience Dr. Rosales Meza created for white folx. How does one put into words the experience of change on a soul level? What I can say is that learning about the white colonizer in my mind and the colonial paradigm we are living in is something I can’t unsee. Dr. Rocio showed me, with deep compassion and yet explicit honesty, the ways in which I am a colonizer. How I am upholding and colluding with colonization. How I, as a white woman, benefit from colonization. And the harm that this all has on BIPOC folx. I’ve been doing anti-racism/diversity work for a while, and have always felt like something was missing. And there it was: the white colonial mind. When Dr. Rocio exposed me to the colonial world we are living in and the way that I collude and uphold these systems, EVERYTHING CLICKED. I cannot recommend taking this course enough. If you are committed to a new world and creating effective change, this is the container for you. I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Rocio for opening my eyes to the layers of my white colonial mind because I am forever changed." 

Catherine Gray's

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

“I felt the call to take Dra Rocio's course, "Decolonial Shadow Work" this year and ...oh WOW what a change it has made in my life! Things that I thought (hoped) would be addressed not only were addressed but in the most high vibrational and safe of ways! And then I was surprised time and time again at how much MORE I learned than I thought I would. This has touched every area of my life...in the BEST of ways. Dra Rocio teaches in such a soft and understanding way...making HUGE subjects seem do-able and able to be digested. I felt safe. I felt seen. Each week that went on, I felt more capable of truly doing this work. What seemed insurmountable before now seemed possible.

It opened up SO many more doorways than I ever imagined possible! I feel that I'm truly doing my work....that it's truly possible now and I'm actually doing it! And that's an amazing feeling. I've been able to have some really KEY conversations with members of my family that I never before thought would be possible (I had given up on it some time ago) and it's actually happening! Dra. Rocio lays it out in a way that is digestible, easy to understand, and....(again)....feels safe. I'm endlessly grateful for this course and for my Teacher, Dra. Rocio. I cannot recommend this course enough! Thank you, Dra. Rocio. I'm so very grateful. This has quite literally changed my life! (and the lives of my family & friends) ”.

Syahidah Ismail, (she/her)

Reclaiming the Sacred formally known as Decolonial Alchemy

"I appreciated the monthly classes where we had oppurtunities to ask questions with Doctora. I also appreciated the monthly meditations Doctora led.
 I experienced a profound reconnection with my ancestors that has helped propel me on my spiritual journey.
 I learned how to care for Mother Earth and I am sharing that knowledge with my young child. Now, we give offerings to Mother Earth together. It has given me an invaluable way to talk about respecting Mother Earth and spirituality with my child.

Grisanti Avendaño

Organizer , founder and prayer keeper of the Central Valley Healing Collective

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"My healing journey has been an ongoing struggle of not belonging, running from past traumas and not stepping into my power until 2 years ago. I love the Decolonial Healing Collective, it is home, it is a feeling of accountability for me and all of humanity. There is unspoken beauty of stepping into healing spaces with no introductions needed since intention of space allows for that which is hard to comprehend in a colonial lens. I noticed when I joined I was standing in my way to let go of expectations and give into the lessons, the journaling and let go of imperfections. The most beautiful experience was when I started doing work with pachamama. During one of the meditations I felt hugged by mother earth and it was one of the best experiences to this point. For anyone wanting to join, this is a collective where you get what you put in. It's a space of letting go of perfectionism which is rooted in colonialism , you get to be in space with other like hearted individuals and where the triggers that exist in colonial spaces aren't present."

Jessie Jackson 

Yoga Instructor / Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Decolonizing & Aligning with the New Earth Class

 "The sacred container that was created for the New Earth weekend workshop was transformative and healing. I took the weekend to move slowly because the teachings literally reorganized the cells in my body. Concrete examples of colonialism, spiritual bypassing, and white supremacy that show up in our daily lives were provided and then ways on how to begin to transform these debilitating behaviors followed the revelations. Marilu and Dra. Rocio both held a space that was honest, brave, and full of integrity. They wove personal experiences into the words they spoke and offered insight into a new way of existing in the world. I know my work is far from over and I am filled with gratitude to have found both of these teachers to move me forward in journey's to come."

Stephanie Strause (she/her/hers)

Committed to divesting from the colonial mind and creating the New Earth

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"This container was full of hard truths, but Doctora Rocio guided us to look at them with a compassionate hand. What we learned was necessary information, and sometimes difficult to carry as white folx, but we felt held and were encouraged to be brave to do what is right to create the New Earth. No one should expect to be coddled while doing this work, and that's not what Doctora Rocio does. She teaches with compassion and truly leads a transformative container that changed us all. This experience modeled compassion through difficult themes, and the importance of living a life of truth and light to create the New Earth. I felt heard, seen, and held in the container. I felt encouraged to ask questions and be brave in my unlearning. The spiritual and emotional component of this container was transformative. We were guided into a healing space that allowed for true transformation towards decolonial accomplice.

I had already learned much of the information in my mind prior to this container, but Doctora Rocio enabled me to absorb it within my heart and soul, and my determination to do what is right feels more embodied than ever. Decolonial healing is paramount in the decolonizing movement. As white folx, we are not conditioned to understand humanity as it applies to ourselves or others. Until we can divest from our colonial mind, we cannot become true accomplices in the movement that is necessary for our survival on this Earth, nor creating a better earth that shows compassion and harmony for all people, and balancing the reality for our BIPOC family. If you feel called to unlearn, if you feel restless, if you feel stuck, if you feel alone, if you feel enraged, if you feel despair, JOIN Doctora Rocio in this container. You will find transformation in the ways you are ready to open yourself up to. This is important work in the movement. If you open yourself up to what Doctora Rocio has to offer, out of the kindness and necessity of her own heart, you will be forever transformed." 

Larissa Valderrama Tittle (she/they)

Psychotherapist/energy healer

The Decolonial Healing Collective

"The Decolonial healing collective is a place where I feel deeply held and seen. It is a place where love and respect for one another is consistently demonstrated. We hold one another’s hurts and hearts while we envision our liberation and celebrate our wins. Working with Dra. Roció’s healings and teachings had deepened the healing work I was already doing. Her work revealed how the subconscious internalization of the colonizer was in every aspect of my life. She guides us to feel our feelings, the grief for ourselves, our communities, our ancestors, but also to feel and harness the joy, the strength, the immeasurable love that is our medicine and liberation. She has taught me how to be in right relationship with Mother Earth and my ancestors. I am more able to speak my truth, because I am rooted. I highly recommend Dra Rocio’s teachings and TDHC for anyone wanting community for liberation and healing."

Lindsay Dickes (she/her)

Intuitive healer + embodiment coach 

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"Dr. Rocio held potent and transformational space, allowing me to be held with fierce compassion in the necessary and needed decolonial work as a white settler. I received so much guidance and support in how to show up in right relationship as an accomplice in the decolonial movement for the liberation of BIPOC. I felt deeply supported, guided, compassionately held, and inspired. Any fears or confusion that I carried with me to the class were transmuted into connection and courage through Dr. Rocio’s powerful facilitation and community of other white folx showing up to be in right relationship with the movement. I felt supported and present when facing the hard truths as a colonizer/settler. Being able to connect with other discerning white spiritual seekers also seeking to be accomplices in the decolonial movement was inspiring and deeply supportive.

I have been committed to anti-racist practice for several years, currently gathering in white caucus with other white folx for embodied anti-racist practice, but never had I deepened by anti-oppressive practice to the unlearning and divesting from the white colonial mind. Dr. Rocio’s teachings/healings and circle facilitation was like no other anti-oppressive experience I’ve had – because decolonizing is spiritual. I continue to wake up and see the insidious nature of colonization in the systems.

This experience has allowed me to become increasing discerning around when and how I am complicit in the colonial capitalist patriarchy, and particularly discerning around my business in order to not be exploitative, predatory, extractive or hoarding wealth. I know this is lifelong work and responsibility. If you are discerning spiritual seeker looking to deepen your commitment to divesting and unlearning from white inferiority and colonization, answer the call by joining this experience!"

Andia Katz (they/she)

Energetic Healer

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"This class and circle impacted my healing, through allowing me to unpack my whiteness and colonial mind, and taught me how to feel this in my body, process and let go. This circle and class taught me that I am not meant to hold onto these emotions, and also how to meet myself with love and compassion as I process, instead of judgement and frustration. Being able to show up for myself to help myself heal and process in healthy way, gives me the ability to be well and to have a bigger impact when being an accomplice to BIPOC and creating the New Earth. It also gives me the ability to reduce the harm caused from the colonial mind and how I can show up as an accomplice, not just an ally"

"Thank you SO much! It was such an honor to share space with you and learn from you. I am so appreciative of the work you are doing. The world needs it. I was feeling so lost before..as I unpacked whiteness, the colonial mind, and the toxicity of so many healing spaces. Divesting from the white colonial mind was exactly what I was in need of and I am forever grateful of your energy, time and work put into sharing this with us. Thank you so much!! I am really looking forward to continuing this work with you :)"

Nadia C.

Guided Spiritual Meditation

"What I loved was that I was guided through step by step. During the process I felt a negative energy leave my body. I have been at peace ever since. I felt a heavy burden being lifted from my shoulders. The following morning I was visited by three peaceful hummingbirds at once and have been seeing signs throughout the days. My senses have magnified I now know I am not alone and have felt even closer to my ancestors. It feels good to know I am not alone! I highly recommend it to anyone who needs peace and guidance. Dr. Rosales is amazing!"

Kelly Black (she/her)

Moh’kinsstis: Treaty 7 territory, home to the Blackfoot Confederacy

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"For white folks who are actively engaging in anti-racism work - please join this class. For white folks who are struggling to participate in the white colonial capitalist patriarchy -please join this class. For white folks who are passionate about and called to the decolonizing movement and who are trying to understand their place in it - please take this class. This is an investment in yourself, an amazing teacher, and the world you know is possible. This is a brave space and a safe space held by Dr. Rocio and the people in the container she creates. Dr. Rocio teaches heart and soul work, in order to receive her teachings it is necessary to step back from intellectualizing everything and instead show up grounded and connected to your full humanity. It's okay to make mistakes, you will cause harm, but don't give up. Make amends, be accountable, vulnerability is how we grow. Know that "this is your programming but not your legacy" - Dr. Rocio. Thank you Dr. Rocio for the transformations I had in this class."

Crista Gray (she/her)

Scholar in Praxis, Folk magic

Guided Spiritual Meditation

"In essence, I would say the healings felt to me much like a chiropractic adjustment for the soul, with an added hug for the heart. A soft, yet firm touch to remind me of the inner wisdom we have and to call upon our well guides to help us walk a path toward our needed awaiting self. The written communication received from Dr Rosales Meza afterward was so powerful and on point and brought me to tears in its resonance for what I needed to hear. Overall it was a positive experience and I'd recommend it to anyone open to a decolonial path who was dedicated to continue the work beyond the healing."

Aidan Farrell (she/they)

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"I felt very welcome to be challenged in the circle. I felt grounded and strong due to Dr. Rocio's grounding meditation which opened the circle, as well as the constant reminders throughout to ground through our bodies and breath. I felt like I was safe to show up as my spiritual and human self. I felt brave to be imperfect. I did not feel that I was sheltered from discomfort, but was rather SHOWN and encouraged to embrace discomfort in my body as my teacher. I felt challenged to look my whiteness in the eye, to stop evading my collusion with it and to address it fiercely with "courage and compassion," the two tenants Dr. Rocio told us to build this work upon. Those two words perfectly describe the embodiment of Dr. Rocio's teachings. The circle was a place to show up and be brave, to acknowledge the places we need to grow and make amends, and to begin to learn how to do this deep decolonial shadow work in a sustainable way focusing on the well being of BIPOC and not our own white egos.

I really cannot begin to verbalize how your teachings have shifted my entire being. As I said, every day they seem to grow and expand, like a tree stretching its roots deeper into the earth and branches higher into the sky, just as you said they would. I am so SO SO SO grateful to be your student in this work. You are an absolute fierce and beautiful warrior of light. Thank you for your work here on this earth plane, it is so powerful. I know as well that in order to do this you had to make sacrifices, opening up your medicine to white folks who subconsciously and concisely collude with colonization and show up as a colonizer, even though their intentions may (or may not) be otherwise. I can only imagine how exhausting and harmful that could be and was for you. Although I can never know the amount of strength, patience, and love required of you to show up and do this work, I want to honour all that you give, from my higher self, from my soul, to yours. I bow to your divinity Dr. Rocio. Thank you for being here, thank you for shining and standing in your truth. Thank you for all you gave to me in this course and onwards. Thank you for all the many ways you heal this world. Thank you".

Stephanie B (she/her)

Therapist & Intuitive Empath

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"It is difficult to put into words what I received from this container, and I am still processing the experience. This is the teacher and the work I have been seeking. This circle and class was just the beginning of life long work. It is DEEP shadow work. I feel after the circle, I am now integrating how I can be an accomplice for the decolonial movement and divest from the white colonial capitalist patriarchy. I am on a spiritual path, though I am deeply rooted in our reality on earth, and was seeking a healing path that did not include spiritually bypass and did not harm BIPOC".

"I feel that Dra. Rocio's container was the answer to this prayer. After this circle, I am more aware of how white spiritual healers can be accomplices for BIPOC. I feel deeply that part of my soul's purpose is to do deep healing work, and this requires betraying whiteness and divesting from the white colonial capitalist patriarchy. I would say to someone considering joining to do it if they are ready to give away power. If they are ready to do deep shadow work and if they are seeking a spiritual path that does NOT include bypassing. This is the way we get to the new world. Dra. Rocio's communes with both worlds and the work is nuanced, layered, and profound. I am deeply grateful for her".

Rachel Reves

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"Since taking Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza’s unlearning and divesting from the white colonial mind class I have gone into a deep dive of the shadow world. This class is paramount for anyone who is white and is in the health and wellness or spiritual/ healing community. It has removed a veil of illusion for me that I didn’t know was there. I thought I had an idea of what this class would be about, but I didn’t. She fully removed the illusion of colonialism and all of the layers of white privilege and white inferiority. She allowed us to ask questions in a safe container and helped us to see how engrained this system is within our unconscious/subconscious mind.

As a woman who is of white European descent, and someone who is learning indigenous medicine I have a lot of deep work to do because of how this colonialism has been engrained in me. I do not believe you could truly be of service in a healing space if you don’t do this work. Dr. Rocio lovingly and compassionately taught this class even though it is our ancestors who have caused so much pain and trauma to her ancestors.

She carries so much knowledge, wisdom, strength, and love. She delivers her teachings in a way that makes you feel safe to ask hard questions or questions that may feel uncomfortable but also does not sugar coat the truth.
I urge anyone who fees called to do this work because you know it is the right thing to do to work with her. It is our duty as white people to be allies to BIPOC".

Kitty Packman (she/her)

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"I am so grateful for Dra. Rocio’s teachings and space holding through this program. I learned so much and felt held and supported in doing work that can be very challenging and vulnerable. I find myself referring to Dra.’s work often and always feel more grounded when I remember her words, presence, and medicine. She did a fantastic job of meeting everyone where they were non-judgmentally, whether they were coming in as a beginner or as someone well-versed in this work. I have deep appreciation for Dra. Rocio and for the Decolonial Shadow Work program."