Facilitating healing and liberation for Black, Indigenous, Women of Color from a decolonial & spiritual perspective.

Weekly Collective Meditations & Distance Energy Healings

My Mission

My mission is to facilitate collective healing and liberation so that together we can birth the times of right relationship. The times and a world that is more equitable, compassionate, and in right relationship with all of humanity and our Mother Earth.

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Collective Distance Energy Healings

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About Me

Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza is a Xicana/Mexicana Seer, Healer, & Counseling Psychology Ph.D. She comes from a long line of healers from both her maternal and paternal lineages and is a medicine woman. Her work is at the intersections of decolonizing, wellness, liberation, & spirituality. Dr. Rosales Meza facilitates collective healings in the form of meditations and distance energy healings so that folx can reclaim their peace and sense of compassion to then extend these energies out into the world. She also guides women of color to uncover blocks to their healing and liberation so that they are no longer in servitude to the colonial patriarchy. Through her work, she facilitates mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic healing for women of color. In particular, Dr. Rosales Meza guides women of color to break the cycle of the colonial patriarchal intergenerational trauma that is holding them back, that is keeping them stuck, and that is harming them in ways they don't even know. Dr. Rosales Meza is also a mother, a feminist, womanist, mujerista.

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