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    Liberating Your Spirit


    I am a proud Mexicana/Xicana psychologist. I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am also honored to be a mama, hija, wife, hermana, comadre, friend, and community member. I am a Feminist/Muxerista. I believe Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, No human being is illegal/Nadie es ilegal, Ni Uno Mas, Women's rights are human rights, Water is Life, in Indigenous sovereignty, in religious and spiritual freedom, in No Muslim Ban, that Trans and Non-binary are beautiful, and that science is real. My areas of expertise are Xicanx/Latinx mental health and the Xicanx/Latinx experience in higher education. I have 19+ years of experience in researching these specialties in Xicanx/Latinx psychology. I also come to this work with 17 years of experience in counseling and therapy.  Additionally, I have 10 years of experience in teaching at the university level as a Psychology Professor. I have taught courses in counseling skills, Latina/o mental health, multicultural psychology, and community psychology to name a few. These courses focused on communication and emotional intelligence and in anti-racism and anti-bias work. I am a tenured Associate Professor in Psychology. Currently, I am expanding into community work as this is where I feel called, most alive, and needed. My intention is to create a community space for Xicanx/Latinxs, BIPOC, QTPOC, people with disabilities, undocumented immigrants, and other marginalized groups, for our healing, activism, and liberation. I did not get here alone. I am here because of the sacrifices of my ancestors, my abuelitos, my mother who raised me as a single mom, and my mentors who paved the way and guided me to achieve a doctorate, the highest degree in the land. Without my mami's endless love and support, and that of my mentors, I would not be where I am today. It takes a village to raise a Mexicana Ph.D. I did not grow up privileged, and I would have never imagined that this was possible for me. I am a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, and the first generation born in the U.S. My family originates from Cuautitlan, Jalisco, Mexico and I have Indigenous blood on both my maternal and paternal family sides. Both my mother and father lived in poverty as children, and worked at a young age to provide and care for their families. I honor the sacrifices they made for me to live a life that they never had. I cherish and love mi madre, padre, mis hermanas, and entire familia. Time and connection with my family is a priority to me. I was raised with traditional Mexican values, though my mother liberated us from rigid gender roles. I owe all that I am to my mother, she is my greatest inspiration and my Shero. I come from a matriarchal family and continue my abuelita's and my madre's legacy of caring for others and fighting injustice. I take great pride in my Mexican culture and Indigenous roots. I also work to uplift and support the Samoan & Pacific Islander communities by centering them, as I am a mother to a biracial Mexican and Samoan child, and my husband/love, and his/my family are Samoan. I value and honor both of my child's beautiful cultures in our lives as a family. I value and cherish these cultures and communities in all that I do. I am a native Spanish speaker, I grew up working class in Santa Ana, Ca., and attended its public schools; John Adams, Carr, and Valley. I am a first generation high school and college graduate. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine for my undergraduate career and the University of Missouri-Columbia for my master's and doctoral degrees. I recognize and welcome the responsibility I have to my communities and hope to create space for more of us to make it. I am currently healing from a chronic migraine disability because of lack of self care and the often hostile climate in academia for women of color. My healing journey has allowed for much reflection and renewed energy to serve my community in the ways I am able. I now prioritize calm and paz in my life to sustain my health. I have renewed energy to serve my community in the ways I am able and that accommodate my health and my motherhood. My career is important to me, though my family and culture are just as important. I love spending time with family. I also love motherhood and enjoy playing, reading, cantando, and bailando with my child. I raise my child with the values of gentle, positive, and social justice and feminist parenting. I also work to pass on cultural traditions and emotional intelligence tools to my child. I am passionate about social justice, raising consciousness, and affirming Black and Brown youth by tapping into their strengths and decolonized ancestral roots.



    My mission is to encourage you to embrace your greatness and bring your authentic, best self into your life. I aim to bring you greater peace and calm in the here and now through coaching and workshops. I hope to awaken and nourish the spirit in you through reflection and community to start your journey towards healing and liberation. I also aim to raise your consciousness through education to work together for social justice in  our communities. I share my journey and bring my full self into my work to create space and validation for the oppressed and marginalized in our community.