Decolonizing Your Mind, Liberating Your Spirit

Decolonizing helps us reclaim what was taken. 

Decolonizing helps us remember the sacred.

Rooted in spirituality we get to liberation.

Saludos, I'm Dra. Roc√≠o ‚ÄĒ

 I'm a Seer, Medicine Woman & Counseling Psych Ph.D

My sacred work is potent because I walk with and work with my ancestors & spiritual guides. My work is also rooted because I share wisdom acquired from my lived experience. I took a vow as a medicine woman to restore balance and harmony and this is why I offer my work to you.

My Journey

It is my deep honor to guide you in reclaiming the spiritual & ancestral, in right relationship.

I view decolonizing as a pathway to unlearning the harmful programming that is blocking our connection to the divine and all of Creation.

My teachings and medicine are here to you remember and bring forth the prophecies of our collective healing and liberation.

Together I believe we can dismantle the colonial paradigm and birth a new world.

"The needle of my moral compass, my intuition has been reset. Dra. Rocio's teachings are life-changing, and allow me to ACT for collective liberation. I so deeply honor her, her work, her courage, her love, her lineage.

Anne Gittings

Begin Your Journey

If you are new to my work, and feel called, I invite you to begin unlearning through our communities most popular courses.

A teaching for our times

The Healing Power of Truth

Now more than ever, it is important for us to identify the ways we are indoctrinated to uphold a colonial paradigm. Too much is at stake. this Teaching is an offering to help us deprogram to get free. 

For All People


Foundational Teaching

Decolonize Your Mind

This teaching is intentionally created as an introduction to the Decolonial & Spiritual path. You will unlearn the ways in which you have been programmed to uphold oppressive systems.

For All People


Impact Teaching

Why we Must not Forget Spirit in the Decolonial

In this live stream teaching, you will learn the importance in both facing the collective colonial shadows to end harm and also, to be rooted in spirituality to reclaim the sacred.

For All People


Guided Spiritual Meditation

     Transmuting with the Elements

Now more than ever, it is important for us to identify the ways we are indoctrinated to uphold a colonial paradigm. Too much is at stake. this Teaching is an offering to help us deprogram to get free. 

For All People


"My life has transformed since this class, in ways big and small, as I have recommitted to liberation for all as my life's work, which includes my spiritual practice, the teachers I learn from, how I spend my time.  The wisdom that runs through this class played a significant role in that shift, and I am forever grateful for Dra. Rocío and this sacred container."

Sally Mercedes (she/they)

"A New World Cannot Be Birthed With A Colonized Mind."

Journey with Me

Upcoming Programs

These offerings are intended for beloveds who feel a deep resonance with my sacred work and medicine and are ready to deepen in their unlearning, embodiment, transformation through my teachings and live guidance for our collective healing and liberation.

Full View of our 2024 Program Schedule:

 Divine Alignment

A 12 week Transformational Journey to decolonize so that you can offer your sacred work for our collective healing & liberation.

Doors Open August 6th

Join the waitlist for $200 off early enrollment bonus.

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Reclaiming the Sacred II

A 12 week decolonial & spiritual journey.

For women/femmes of color who are ready to reclaim power and wisdom

‚ÄčReady to break cycles for evolution & liberation¬†

Ready to step into their spiritual sovereignty in alignment with Creation

‚ÄčReady for the next phase of our soul's journey to embody a new ancient paradigm

Door Open in September 12th

*Extended Payment Plans Available Now to the Waitlist* 

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Decolonial Shadow Work

A 12 Week Educational, Spiritual, Transformational Course 

‚ÄčFor anti-racist, spiritual, empathic white leaders, matriarchs, healers, visionaries, & guides¬†

Ready to dismantle the colonial paradigm through facing the colonial shadows so that the cycle of oppression can finally end & true collective liberation can begin.

Doors Open in October 2024

*Extended Payment Plans Available Now to the Waitlist* 

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A New Paradigm of Care

A 4 month Professional Development Mentorship Program & Journey 

‚ÄčFor experienced or trained therapists, psychologists, counselors, & healing practitioners.¬†

Ready to co-create a new paradigm of healing in which we can all live well, with decolonizing, spirituality, and Earth wisdom as the foundation.

Doors Open on November 2024

*Extended Payment Plans Available Now to the Waitlist*

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I am devoted to sharing the majority of my teachings and medicine for free. This is because I deeply believe in our collective healing and liberation and as a matriarch, nurturing the collective. Here you can find many of my free teachings updated bi-weekly. May you receive the medicine and wisdom you need.

  Doubting Your Spiritual Gifts?

Embracing your spiritual gifts is part of Decolonizing Spirituality too. If you are awakening to your gifts but have been struggling to fully embrace your gifts, this video is meant to support you.


watch here

 Decolonizing Psychology

I I offer teachings related to Decolonizing Psychology and how colonialism severed our wellness. Here I speak to the holistic wellness that our ancestors lived and embodied in their connection with the natural and spiritual world.


Watch here

The Hidden Curriculum in Academia

I offer teachings related to Unveiling The Colonial Education System and Decolonizing your Higher Education experience. This is not meant to deter you from pursuing a higher education if it feels right to you.  


watch here
More Free Teachings
Free Guided Journal Workbook + GUIDED SPIRITUAL MEDITATION

A New Earth Is Possible

This guided journal workbook created in sacred space will guide you to begin your decolonial & spiritual journey.

By signing up, you will also receive weekly channeled messages from me to support you on your decolonial and spiritual journey & early access to my live offerings.