Sacred Work without the hustle & Grind 

The world needs your visionary work, but NOT at your expense.

This is a calling in to the truth that we don't have to martyr

ourselves for collective healing and liberation.

Divine Alignment Opens in August

Program held September - December

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Laurie's Experience:


I am deeply grateful for the sacred container that Dra. Rocio holds for her participants. I felt the relief and safety of being supported by Spirt and ancestors throughout the learnings, which helped me feel more clarity in my own sacred work that I am here to do.

Through learning with Dra. Rocio, I am starting to know and trust what alignment feels like in my work and in my Being and to gain more discernment between what is fear and what is actually misalignment. I am growing in using my voice and experiencing people in resonance drawing nearer to me, and in staying in contact with benevolent spirts and the sacred as I go to work and talk about my work.

I have an increased ability and trust in balancing collective care with self-care, and I have more courage and freedom to be transparent about my values and open about my work shifting from mainstream western models to an ancestral remembering and earth-based worldview.


Abby's Experience:


“Before I started A New Paradigm of Care I was burning the candle at both ends, I couldn't answer the question, "What are your gifts?" and I was deeply caught in a colonial cycle that was harming myself and the collective.

From my first call with Dra. Rocio, I felt a greater connection to my healed ancestors and started to see more clearly not only how I was colluding with colonialism, but also a path forward to begin unlearning colonialism as a white bodied mental health practitioner.

Dra. Rocio has a gentle yet surgically precise way of speaking truth that brings transformation to her students. I now feel I can show up more fully for myself, my gifts, and the collective as I continue the life long spiritual work embodying a new pardigm. I am forever grateful for Dra. Rocio and A New Paradigm of Care”.


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Divine Alignment is for you if...

  •  You are ready to be an active participant in your unlearning & consciously create the next phase of your life from a more empowered & liberated space.
  •  You deeply trust in the unseen, honor the guidance of the spirit realms, & are open to learning in an intuitive way, allowing the medicine and messages to come as they are presented.
  •  You take responsibility for integrating and embodying the teachings into your life.
  •  You understand that we must embrace ambiguity and the mystery as part of the process of unlearning, that the need to control & know everything is rooted in the colonial patriarchy.
  •  You seek guidance to consciously slow down and unlearn the colonial sense of urgency and understand that for wellness and liberation, we must make space for surrender, for deep self reflection, for shadow work, for joy, for ease, for rest & for flowing with life.
  •  You understand we are not powerless to the colonial patriarchal system and are not victims. .


I came into Dra.'s cohort longing for guidance and support around my role as a spiritual companion and counselor. I had a felt sense that I needed to slow down in order to come into a deeper understanding of the ways I have internalized colonization as a European-American, and how that has affected the support I wish to provide others.

This cohort experience helped me deepen my understanding of so many subtle ways to get back into right relationship, to hold onto a baseline of joy, to resist the norms of domination and exploitation, to honor my unique medicine, and to hold a vision of our collective liberation. Through her gentle guidance, Dra. helped us (and me) to collectively call back our spirits.


Nathan Brisby, student of a New Paradigm of care

Saludos, I'm Dra. Rocío 

I am honored to guide the therapists & healers to offer healing that liberates.

Ethical care requires that you decolonize your practice.

​Showing up in Eurocentric models of care further colonizes the people & drains and depletes you too.

This is the OPPOSITE of healing.

Beloved, this is an ETHICAL issue.

Being an ethical practitioner means you must unlearn the toxic programming you’ve received & internalized so that you can show up well, ethically, in right relationship, and offering healing that liberates.

Let us reclaim our dignity AND integrity.

Divine Alignment Opens in August

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