Live Guidance Journeys

Reclaiming the Sacred

A 12 week decolonial & spiritual journey.

For women/femmes of color who are ready to reclaim power and wisdom

​Ready to break cycles for evolution & liberation 

Ready to step into their spiritual sovereignty in alignment with Creation

​Ready for the next phase of our soul's journey to embody a new ancient paradigm

Doors Open September 2024

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Maria Lua (she/her/ella)

Reclaiming the Sacred formally known as Decolonial Alchemy

"I appreciate so much about the Decolonial Alchemy community is that it feels like family that I am missing so much. I am of very mixed heritage and at the same time have indigenous ancestry. There are very few spaces that I feel I can safely show up as my whole self and this is one of them. The strength and teachings I receive from Dra Rocìo and her teachers and guides, and the teachers and guides and ancestors of everyone in the community is the one of greatest gifts I have received on my spiritual journey. I always miss the group so much when the year ends and I cannot wait to sign up again in the new year! The decolonial teachings around spirituality are deeply precious to me and I’m so grateful for all the teachings, protection and support. Thank you Doctora and beautiful Siblings "

Decolonial Shadow Work

A 12 Week Educational, Spiritual, Transformational Course 

​For anti-racist, spiritual, empathic white leaders, matriarchs, healers, visionaries, & guides 

Ready to dismantle the colonial paradigm through facing the colonial shadows so that the cycle of oppression can finally end & true collective liberation can begin.

Doors Open in October 2024


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Anne Gittings

Decolonial Shadow Work® | Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

"For the first time, after this experience, the world made sense to me, I understand now HOW I have benefitted from the white colonial paradigm, I understand that white colonialism has created the chaos we are currently in.


I understand my responsibility, and because the teachings come with medicine, I was able to receive with my heart so that I am able to take action.

Decolonial Shadow Work invited me to work on so many different levels and dimensions & I still feel them unfold. Her container offers truth to unlearn and medicine to heal.

This offering allowed me to see a path for my lineage back to being fully human, to being a child of mother earth in right relation, and to offer my child guidance rooted in right relation as opposed to guidance rooted in delusion and destruction.

Dra. Rocio's teachings are life-changing, and allow me to ACT for collective liberation. I so deeply honor her, her work, her courage, her love, her lineage."

Divine Alignment

A 3 Month Program, Live Group Guidance, & Transformational Course for healers, therapists, spiritual practitioners, & people doing the work of collective healing and liberation ready to co-create a new paradigm of working in which we can all be nourished and well.

Doors Open August 2024

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Laurie Jackson (she/her)

Divine Alignment

"I am deeply grateful for the sacred container that Dra. Rocio holds for her participants. I felt the relief and safety of being supported by Spirt and ancestors throughout the learnings, which helped me feel more clarity in my own sacred work that I am here to do. Through learning with Dra. Rocio, I am starting to know and trust what alignment feels like in my work and in my Being and to gain more discernment between what is fear and what is actually misalignment. I am growing in using my voice and experiencing people in resonance drawing nearer to me, and in staying in contact with benevolent spirts and the sacred as I go to work and talk about my work. I have an increased ability and trust in balancing collective care with self-care, and I have more courage and freedom to be transparent about my values and open about my work shifting from mainstream western models to an ancestral remembering and earth-based worldview."

A New Paradigm of Care

A 4 month Professional Development Mentorship Program & Journey 

​For experienced or trained therapists, psychologists, counselors, & healing practitioners. 

Ready to co-create a new paradigm of healing in which we can all live well, with decolonizing, spirituality, and Earth wisdom as the foundation.

Now Enrolling. $800 Off 72-hour Early Enrollment ends this Saturday.


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2024 program schedule

“Before I started A New Paradigm of Care I was burning the candle at both ends, I couldn't answer the question, "What are your gifts?" and I was deeply caught in a colonial cycle that was harming myself and the collective.

From my first call with Dra. Rocio, I felt a greater connection to my healed ancestors and started to see more clearly not only how I was colluding with colonialism, but also a path forward to begin unlearning colonialism as a white bodied mental health practitioner.

Dra. Rocio has a gentle yet surgically precise way of speaking truth that brings transformation to her students. I now feel I can show up more fully for myself, my gifts, and the collective as I continue the life long spiritual work embodying a new paradigm. I am forever grateful for Dra. Rocio and A New Paradigm of Care”.

Abby Howard (she/her)
student of A New Paradigm of care 
Free Guided Journal Workbook + GUIDED SPIRITUAL MEDITATION

A New Earth Is Possible

This guided journal workbook created in sacred space will guide you to begin your decolonial & spiritual journey.

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