Guarding Your Spirit

Protecting Your Energy in a Colonized World

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Guarding Your Spirit

Protecting Your Energy in a Colonized World

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 Reclaim Spiritual & Ancestral Protection

This class if for those who trust in the spiritual and who are aligned with the decolonial.

This is for those who seek to embody spirituality in integrity & right relationship.

This is for those that honor leadership and teachings from matriarchs, medicine people, and Indigenous Earth based wisdom, for true collective healing & liberation.


2 hours of teachings, healing and spiritual & decolonial guidance.


*12 months access to the recording*

A Sample Teaching of our class

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Spiritual warfare is REAL.

And, the colonizer knows how to use it WELL.

Because we are living in times of blatant and horrific colonial violence, it is important that we are DEEPLY ROOTED in the spiritual.

Without the spiritual, we can become easily debilitated.

You may already be feeling it.

Seeing colonial violence on a mass, global scale may have you feeling heartbroken, angry, helpless, fearful, guilty for being a survivor, and unsure with what to do with these emotions.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, this is the INTENTION of this level of violence.

The colonizer seeks to make us feel disempowered so that we will be too tired to resist and birth a new world.

"I feel deeply honoured for the opportunity to receive this class. It is a gift the learn about the simplicity and power of spiritual practice and protection in right relationship and many of the practices shared correspond with the practices of my own lineage. Even more than the practices I feel deeply activated, empowered and held by the profound teaching shared. Dra. Rocio shares with great clarity and wisdom how crucial it is at these times to dismantle colonial practices, to stand in our power and to serve the restoring of harmony and balance. I walk on with a greater sense of remembrance and clear practices to continue on my journey of calling my soul back from the colonial system and work in service to the sacred prophecies. This class has been a great blessing that is still integrating. In deepest gratitude."

Mona Feller (she/her, they/them)


They Seek to Break Our Spirit

Colonization is spiritual warfare and it also creates immense violence. 

Not just in the material world, physically, but also to our SPIRIT.

Eduardo Duran speaks about colonization, and the impact of colonization, as creating SOUL LOSS.

With active genocides, we are experiencing this on a MASS SCALE.

Let me say this again, this is INTENTIONAL.

The colonial paradigm seeks to intimidate us and program us into believing that our actions don't matter so that we don't reclaim our 

ancestral & collective power.




We need spiritual protection to be able to show up from a place of DIVINE POWER.

We must call back our spirit from the colonial capitalist patriarchy to embody true LIBERATION.

The journey must be rooted spiritually or we can fall to the predatory energies that cause harm to self & our relations.

As John Trudell shared with us:

"We must Protect our Spirit, 

Because we are in the place where spirits get eaten."

This is why we must show up with "spiritual and decolonial armor", rooted in Earth medicine & ancient practices, so that we are not taken by the predatory energies seeking to stall the new world.


​Let's equip you with practices to navigate the heaviness so that you can show up resourced and well while we cultivate collective care & birth our liberation.


How I do it differently

What Makes This Offering Unique


My work is at the same time decolonial & spiritual

I walk in between the earthly & spiritual realms.

I hold energetic Space as a matriarch and medicine woman.

I hold energetic Space as a matriarch and medicine woman.

I am responsive to the energy present



I teach in Indigenous oral tradition, not in an academic way

I work in collaboration with my guides and ancestors and invite students to experience the teachings & receive from their heart and soul to embody the medicine. 

I trust that the teachings & wisdom that will be shared & revealed are in divine time vs. a rigid timeline.


This work is meant to be experienced, and lived. 

My work is about consciousness shifting, activations, transmissions, and is meant to be experienced.

​You will receive teachings, healing, transformation, & guidance

​We commence in an invocation, grounding & intention setting. And end with prayer & blessings


This is not for everyone

Here we honor the spiritual, the decolonial, & the ancestral.

Here we do not shame nor judge.

Here we gather and learn in right relationship and ground in compassion & respect for all present.


"I appreciated the Guarding Your Spirit class immensely. The structure of the course was different than anything I've encountered. It was clear that Dra. Rocio is a practitioner of the highest quality. The thoughtfulness of the details was exceptional. In trying to recount the experience to others, I found that there was so much to say, so many layers, that I couldn't capture it all. Thank you for your work, and for sharing these sacred practices. I am humbled to take them on during these difficult (and transformative) times.

Samantha, (SHE/HER)

Meet your teacher and Guide

Saludos Beloved, I'm Dra. Rocío

I am a Xicana/Mexicana Seer, spiritual guide, initiated medicine woman, & Counseling Psychology Ph.D., on the Ñusta Paqo path in the Q’ero Inca lineage. I come from a matriarchal lineage and my medicine is very much rooted in the feminine, in matriarchal medicine, and in the Earth and cosmic ways.

My work is potent because of the gifts and channel the divine has given me and because of the powerful ancestors, matriarchs, & guides that show up with me.

The purpose of my work is to support you on your journey and to provide guidance that cultivates holistic wellness, connects you to a deeper sense of spirituality, and brings you back to your ancestors, guides, and your own wisdom & medicine so that together we live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

I have more than 20 years of professional experience as a healer & teacher, and am able to hold potent healing space for others as this is a skill in my blood lineage, with my abuelita and my mama as my greatest teachers. In my training as a counseling psychologist, I provided and practiced thousands of hours of therapy. While I decided against licensure, I value the skills I acquired through my practice and the mentorship provided by BIPOC psychologists, like Dr. Jeanett Castellanos, Dr. Thomas Parham, & the Godfather of Black Psychology, Dr. Joe White amongst others. The direct practice and mentorship I was honored to receive taught me a psychology & therapy that centered the people, an Indigenous worldview, and liberation.


I am able to hold compassion for all and facilitate healing for them in decolonial work because of my medicine path in the Q'ero Inca lineage and because I am aware that there was a time I did not have this consciousness.

That first-hand experience allows me to meet you compassionately because I see how much of our collusion is unconscious and is seen as "just the way things are", often masked as "progress." I deeply understand how much of a shock and disappointment it can be to awaken to colonial collusion and how what we need is guidance, truth telling, and compassion - not shame and judgment.

My previous work was as a therapist and professor, but my path now weaves ancestral ways and new ways to meet the prophecy of these times. My work is deeply rooted in Earth and Cosmic wisdom. I walk and work in between the earthly and spiritual realms as a "claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient". I come from a long line of healers and was born with psychic, channeling, and mediumship gifts.​

I am able to see beyond this ordinary reality to bring forth the highest timelines and visions into our earthly reality. I am grateful to my teachers, Pampamesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza, Don Justino Apaza, & Mesa Carrier and Medicine Woman Marilu Shinn for helping me remember.

The vow I’ve taken as a medicine woman and the agreement my soul has made in this lifetime is to help restore harmony and balance to the world, personally & collectively. And that’s why I offer this work to you.


Guarding your Spirit

Protecting your Energy in a Colonized World

This is intended for ALL spiritually sensitive people that resonate with me and my work and hold decolonial, anti-patriarchal, and spiritual values.  

2 hours of teachings, healing, and spiritual & decolonial guidance 


What You Will Receive

Teachings & Guidance

To help you identify colonial spiritual warfare & learn spiritual reclamation & protection so that you can show up resourced for these times. You will also receive a workbook with guidance for spiritual practices & rituals

Spiritual Transmissions

You will also receive spiritual transmissions and healing to create the shift needed for you to embody the teachings and show up for the birthing of a new paradigm.

Spiritual Practices 

With permission and your duty to use them in right relationship, you will receive teachings on spiritual practices to help you navigate the heaviness of these times so that you can show up potently and intentionally. These Earth medicine practices as well as practices from my lineage are intended to support you and our collective healing and liberation.


"Thank you so much for providing time to connect in your circle and sharing practices from your lineage. I was called to take part as I have been deeply affected by the chaos and violence we are currently witnessing in the world. The rituals and thoughts you shared and the time with the community you brought together have helped me a lot to feel more grounded and connected to spirit, earth, nature and myself. It has also brought me a renewed sense of hope, possibility and resilience. "

Jodie Hansen 

Additonal Spiritual Practices

The Practices You Will Receive Include...

  • Spiritual boundaries to protect your energy
  • Cleansing practices to honor your energetics 
  • Earth based practices to support your sensitivity & live in reciprocity
  • Practices to transmute the heaviness & call back your spirit
  • Rituals for spiritual protection

The Benefits...

How This Class Will Benefit You & Us All....

  • Identify spiritual warfare that is keeping you stuck and is draining your energy
  • Learn and develop rituals and spiritual practices to stay well, fortified, and resourced as you show up for these times.
  • Move through doubt, confusion, guilt, anger & other heavy emotions and confidently transmute it so that you can show up for your role during these times.
  • See & co-create a path out of this harmful paradigm…and together create a new one
  • Feel a deeper spiritual connection to Mother Earth 
  • Know that you are actively working toward right relationship & liberation at the level of the SOUL 


These are the skills you will learn in Guarding your Spirit– and carry forward into the rest of your life for our collective healing & liberation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guarding your Spirit | Protecting your Spirit in a Colonized World

2 Hours of Teachings & Guidance

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