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Decolonial Shadow Work

Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

A 12 Week Educational, Spiritual, & Transformational Course 


For anti-racist, spiritual, empathic white leaders, matriarchs, healers, visionaries, & guides 

 Ready to dismantle the colonial paradigm through facing the colonial shadows so that the cycle

of oppression can finally end & true collective liberation can begin.


​12 weeks of teachings, healing, and spiritual & decolonial guidance.


The journey begins with a LIVE opening session with Dra. Rocio on June 1st


Weekly recorded teachings released every Monday from November 2024 - January 2025

3 LIVE sessions led by Dra. Rocio through zoom at the opening, mid-point, and closing. 

All live sessions will be recorded, captioned, and available in the course portal.

$3,333 Value offered at $888

Full & Extended Payment Plans Available


A Sample Teaching 

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"The white colonial capitalist patriarchy is your programming, but it doesn't have to be your LEGACY"


Taking part in the Decolonial Shadow Work course was a beautiful and transforming journey, through the work of Dra. Rosales. It is so rich in lessons, medicine and healing form her that I don't know where to start naming some of it. I have always questioned the way we live, from my early years on. But it was not until I found the work of Dra. Rosales, that I finally got to see so much more depth in the work that we all should to take on us, for the world to enter a new paradigm. Work that will lead us away from the harmful ways the colonial system has robbed us all from our capacity to be fully human. She is so full of compassion and commitment for the work that we as white people need to do, it crumbled al lot of the shame and guilt I used to feel. I feel that still a lot of everything I received from her in this course needs to settle somewhere in my body and I also know that my spirit is already working with me on this path and doesn't need to have it all spelled out. You guided me back to seeing my own humanity. Thank you so much Dra. Rosales, for all the love and guidance you bring!


Lucas Wirtz (He/Him),
Committed to being of service to the decolonial movement, finding my specific role

You were born to break the colonial cycle in your lineage.

Beloved, I know you understand what is at stake for humanity. I know you care deeply. I know you understand that this work is our soul's calling for this lifetime.​

You are a spiritual seeker.

You understand that anti-racism work is a lifelong journey, and yet you feel stuck in a cycle of self-loathing as a white person.

You feel shame and guilt for the harm done by your colonial ancestors and for the harm that you have unconsciously colluded with.

You have a tender heart, and a fire for justice.

You care deeply about the collective, about integrity, & co-creating a better world for the most marginalized to restore harmony.

You feel a connection or are beginning to feel a connection to the Earth & the unseen realms.

You have been on a journey of inner work because you understand your sacred responsibility, and yet you feel like something is STILL missing.

You feel a yearning in your heart that won’t leave you.

You feel a calling in your SOUL.

You understand that you must unlearn oppressive ways to heal to show up for your soul purpose.

You deeply know that so much harm has been done to BIPOC and our Mother Earth and that we are running out of time.

You feel deeply called to take action NOW to ensure our collective future.

This is the deep spiritual work you are ready for  & THE DEPTH YOUR SOUL has been seeking.

Our future is dependent on white people reckoning with their colonial past, not in spiritually bypassing it. 

Love and light is NOT ENOUGH.

Here's the problem

The spiritual disconnection many white people are feeling is a direct result of the oppressive systems we are living in AND a direct result of colonization. 

White-bodied people are unwell because of the colonial patriarchal intergenerational trauma they carry in being ripped from the sacred web of life and in colluding with its desecration. ​

Colonization never ended, it just became normalized. 

First, colonization turned land into an object, as something that was separate from us and something to be extracted from. 

This taught us separation, uprooting, fragmentation, and normalized a transactional mentality. It programmed us to desecrate our Mother Earth and to exploit rather than nurture and honor. 

Of course this impacted our souls.


The next cut of colonization was to separate people from their cultures and traditions. Often, we think that harm only happened to the people who were colonized. But, the truth is more complex. White bodied people have caused immense harm and also, they have experienced harm (not oppression) from this oppressive paradigm. The people who are descended from colonizers also lost their cultures and traditions when they became ‘white’. 


They lost a connection to the sacred which further normalized desecration.


Which is why so many white people are spiritually hungry — and perhaps one of the reasons for spiritual tourism and cultural appropriation. You’ve been disconnected from your own roots, your own traditions, your own rituals. That’s one of the harms colonization has done to you.

The next cut that colonization inflicted on white people was dissociation.

People racialized as white had to distance and numb themselves to the violence done on their behalf, and the violence that they benefited from. In other words: colonization requires you to numb out, intellectualize, rationalize to unconsciously perpetuate violence. It asks you to unconsciously dissociate and dehumanize, internally. It seeks to numb your sacred, sensitive, human soul so it can turn you into a predator for the colonial patriarchy. 


In other words: this has always been spiritual warfare. 


That’s why a rooted, honest, re-humanizing spirituality is the foundation of collective liberation. 


It’s not something that just happens in our minds. To be sustainable & to create a new earth, it has to happen in our bodies, in our heart, and in our SOULS. 


Because that’s where the disconnection lives.


This — recalling your soul’s pieces, being embodied, & unlearning the harmful programming from  the spirit-breaking legacy of colonization — is our work together.


Meet your teacher and Guide

Saludos Beloved, I'm Dra. Rocío

I am a Xicana/Mexicana Seer, spiritual guide, initiated medicine woman, & Counseling Psychology Ph.D., on the Ñusta Paqo path in the Q’ero Inca lineage. I come from a matriarchal lineage and my medicine is very much rooted in the feminine, in matriarchal medicine, and in the Earth and cosmic ways.

My work is potent because of the gifts and channel the divine has given me and because of the powerful ancestors, matriarchs, & guides that show up with me.

The purpose of my work is to support you on your journey and to provide guidance that cultivates holistic wellness, connects you to a deeper sense of spirituality, and brings you back to your ancestors, guides, and your own wisdom & medicine so that together we live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

I have more than 20 years of professional experience as a healer & teacher, and am able to hold potent healing space for others as this is a skill in my blood lineage, with my abuelita and my mama as my greatest teachers. In my training as a counseling psychologist, I provided and practiced thousands of hours of therapy. While I decided against licensure, I value the skills I acquired through my practice and the mentorship provided by BIPOC psychologists, like Dr. Jeanett Castellanos, Dr. Thomas Parham, & the Godfather of Black Psychology, Dr. Joe White amongst others. The direct practice and mentorship I was honored to receive taught me a psychology & therapy that centered the people, an Indigenous worldview, and liberation.

I am able to hold compassion for all and facilitate healing for them in decolonial work because of my medicine path in the Q'ero Inca lineage and because I am aware that there was a time I did not have this consciousness.

That first-hand experience allows me to meet you compassionately because I see how much of our collusion is unconscious and is seen as "just the way things are", often masked as "progress." I deeply understand how much of a shock and disappointment it can be to awaken to colonial collusion and how what we need is guidance, truth telling, and compassion - not shame and judgment.

My previous work was as a therapist and professor, but my path now weaves ancestral ways and new ways to meet the prophecy of these times. My work is deeply rooted in Earth and Cosmic wisdom. I walk and work in between the earthly and spiritual realms as a claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I come from a long line of healers and was born with psychic, channeling, and mediumship gifts.​

I am able to see beyond this ordinary reality to bring forth the highest timelines and visions into our earthly reality. I am grateful to my teachers, Pampamesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza, Don Justino Apaza, & Mesa Carrier and Medicine Woman Marilu Shinn for helping me remember.

The vow I’ve taken as a medicine woman and the agreement my soul has made in this lifetime is to help restore harmony and balance to the world, personally & collectively. And that’s why I offer this work to you.

How I do it differently

What Makes Decolonial Shadow Work Unique


My work is at the same time decolonial and spiritual. 

I walk in between the earthly & spiritual realms.

My work is rooted in Earth, cosmic, and ancestral wisdom.


1. I am clear about the need for white people to do their antiracist work.

But, unlearning the colonial mind is needed to truly embody because white people who only do antiracism work can still unconsciously colonize. This deeper work is needed because often white people intellectualize but do not engage in the deeper decolonial shadow work that is needed so that they no longer engage in colonial behaviors & can reclaim what is divine and true. This is not just about learning, but about somatics, and processing the emotional layers & colonial patriarchal programming that has you colluding and complicit with this colonial paradigm. This is the guidance and teachings I offer to you.


2. Decolonizing does not mean the same thing as diversity, inclusivity, equity, and antiracism.

You can have diverse & antiracist spaces and still have colonialism and colonial mentality present. Until domination, superiority, extraction, and other aspects of the colonial mind are unlearned and these colonial shadows are faced, you will continue to unconsciously harm (BIPOC, self, and the land) and inadvertently show up out of alignment with your values and vision for the world. 


3. This work is about ending the colonial cycle at the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological levels.

This is not just about unlearning at the level of the mind, though it starts here. This is about clearing imprints at the emotional and somatic levels and tapping in SPIRITUALLY. This is about calling back your soul's pieces from the spiritual warfare that is colonization so that you too can heal. I disagree with the rhetoric and work that treats you as a human without needs as I believe this only extends the shelf life of colonization, only transfers suffering and does not end it, delays the birthing of the new paradigm, and doesn't allow a pathway to our collective liberation. The truth is that for you to show up for this work, your healing is also important because white people were also harmed through colonization. But, let's be clear, they also benefitted and are not oppressed in the dominant Western world. The journey must be rooted in the truth of our Earthly reality and must also be sustainable through a spiritual rootedness.

4. I actually disagree with shaming and blaming white people.

Most of the colonial indoctrination we have received has been unconscious, without our consent, and for white people has happened intergenerationally. I believe that when the white people in my ecosystem show up in humility and right relationship and learn the truth of colonization, they can begin to decolonize their mind to show up in integrity so that together we can take up our sacred responsibility to create a better world.

5. I believe you are the one your precolonial ancestors prayed for.

for someone in your lineage who would have the courage to break the colonial cycle. I believe you are here because this is part of your soul's work and because your ancient ancestors are calling you in to reclaim and make things right.

This work is about right relationship, restoring harmony and balance, & remembering we are all peoples of the Earth.


This journey guides you as a white person to clear colonial imprints & call back your spirit from this oppressive paradigm, so that you can rehumanize, show up in right relationship, begin to reclaim your precolonial lineage, and honor your spirit's calling to co-create a new paradigm in which we are ALL free and well.



"Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza is a loving and wise teacher. My life has been changed in the last 18 months because of her medicine. I am a 63 year old, white woman and since being guided by Dra. Rocio, my third eye has opened, I have reconnected to Mother Earth, I have learned to listen to my healed ancestors and descendants. Had I not begun to make this transformation, I would be incapacitated by the current genocide in Palestine, unable to raise my voice loudly in protest to the Oppressors;

I would be unaware of the cruel and unjust systems of colonization right here in the US (prisons, healthcare, education, government, law enforcement, politics, economy, climate health, child poverty, immigration…) and in every capitalistic society. Dra. Rocio Rosales Mezza kindly helped me see how I have benefited from colonization; how I have been a colonizer myself. But also how to face the shame and guilt, admit it, apologize and CHANGE from within. I have so very much to learn on this path of decolonization. I will continue to study and listen and grow in love and make more mistakes along the way. But I know I am part of humanity-humankind and I’m part of Mother Earth and collectively we can create a New Earth, a world where indigenous people take the lead and love and justice applies to everyone."


Kelly Myers (she/her)

Decolonial Shadow Work:

Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

A 12 Week Transformational Journey 

3 Live Group Calls

Live Opening Session, Live Mid-Point Check-In Session, & Live Closing Session

13 Modules

13 Decolonial & Spiritual Teachings to decolonize, align with Creation & show up in right relationship.


To spiritually support and resource you. Meditations to connect with the medicine of Mother Earth, and your healed ancestors.

Spiritual Guidance

To support you on this journey as you decolonize, remember, and co-weave liberation.

The 12 Week Journey:

We collectively commence in a LIVE opening session.

​You unlearn and transform for 12 weeks:

13 recorded teachings, 4 bonus foundational teachings, 5 guided journal workbooks, and 3 LIVE guidance calls

All live sessions will be recorded & available in the course portal.

I teach in Indigenous oral tradition, not in an academic way.

I hold space as a matriarch and medicine woman.

I meet the moment, & am responsive to the energy present.

I work in collaboration with my guides and ancestors and invite students to experience the teachings & receive from their heart and soul to embody the medicine.

You will receive teachings and guidance to unlearn colonizer programming and behaviors as well as guidance to divest from the white colonial capitalist patriarchy. You will also receive spiritual transmissions and healing to create the shift needed for you to embody the teachings and show up for the birthing of a new paradigm.

The container is held through calling in the 4 sacred directions and intention setting. Spiritual meditation journeys are facilitated and essential to the teachings.

This work is meant to be experienced, and lived. 

You will receive teachings, healing, transformation, & guidance

We collectively close in a LIVE closing session.

here's the details

12 Week Course | 13 Modules


October 19th 2024 - January 11th 2025

Recorded Teachings released every Monday


Saturday, October 19th

Saturday, November 30th

Saturday, January 11th 

1- 2:30 PM (PST)


All Live Sessions Will Be Recorded & Available in the course Portal

View Full Curriculum Schedule

Bonus Offerings

4 Bonus Teachings + 4 Guided Journal Workbooks

You Receive Upon Enrollment ($171 Value):

Bonus #1

Decolonize Your Mind

This teaching is intentionally created as an introduction to the Decolonial & Spiritual path. You will unlearn the ways in which you have been programmed to uphold oppressive systems.

Bonus #2

Colonization is the Root of all Unwellness

In this live stream teaching you will learn how colonization impacts our collective and personal wellness. You will be encouraged to understand how your emotions in witnessing colonial violence are an appropriate reaction.

Bonus #3

Why we Must not forget the spirit in the decolonial

This is for you if you have felt "too Decolonial" for Spiritual spaces and "too Spiritual" for the Decolonial spaces.

Bonus #4

spirituality must confront the colonial shadow

Unity consciousness is not possible unless we unlearn the ways we are colluding. In this live stream teaching, you will learn how you cannot have true spirituality unless you do your Decolonial Shadow Work®.

You will also receive:

A Guided Journal Workbook to support you in your self-reflection.

Journal questions to support you as you journey, along with guidelines for spiritual ritual and practices to help you ground as you decolonize.

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to be an active participant in your unlearning & consciously create the next phase of your life from a more empowered & liberated space.

  • You deeply trust in the unseen, are an empath, or an intuitive.

  • You honor the guidance of the spirit realms & know that we are always supported by them on a divine journey, in divine time.

  • You take responsibility for integrating and embodying the teachings into your life.

  • You are able to have compassion for self & others in unlearning colonial conditioning & understand mistakes & being triggered are part of the journey & unlearning. This is heart work.

  • You’re seeking guidance to help activate your inner knowing & sovereignty.

  • You have the courage to dismantle & confront the colonial paradigm.

  • You understand that we must not overidentify with colonial pain and labels because they were created to disempower.

  • You are seeking guidance for living well, whole, and free while decolonizing.

  • You understand we are not powerless to the colonial system and are not victims.   

  • You have the courage to unlearn the inner colonizer & divest, and are also tired of being tired, angry, and dysregulated.

  • You are seeking guidance for honoring your unique spirit, your heart, and soul's path.

  • You are willing to do the shadow work needed to be free.

  • You are open to learning in an intuitive way and allow the medicine and messages from Spirit to come as they are presented.

  • You understand that we must embrace ambiguity and the mystery as part of the process of unlearning, that the need to control & know everything is rooted in the colonial patriarchy.

  • You seek guidance to consciously slow down and unlearn the colonial sense of urgency and understand that for wellness and liberation, we must make space for surrender, for deep self reflection, for shadow work, for joy, for ease, for rest.

  • You are experiencing a spiritual awakening and hear your higher self & ancestors calling you.

  • You are READY and excited, and maybe a little nervous, for this journey and feel CALLED to this journey and me as your guide.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to see and end your collusion with this colonial patriarchal paradigm.

  • You are not willing to do the shadow work, and project your wounds onto others instead of looking within.

  • You want to stay hiding, small, and people pleasing.

  • You are into capitalist girl boss sh#t.

  • You do not understand our wellness is personal AND collective.

  • You are not willing to exist in right relation with Mother Earth, teachers, guides, and solely seek to extract (& mimic) from me and my teachings for your financial benefit.

  • You’re seeking therapy and need deep holding space.

  • You are seeking a healer or “guru” to tell you what to do.


Dra. Rocio came to us with incredibly balanced intellect and heart. I have never been taught like this before!! I felt her presence at all times as if she was my good friend talking to me and teaching me. I felt that Dra. Rocio held us gently in her arms as shared the difficult truths that we as white people much acknowledge in order to heal. This truly is the way to learn and heal in order to free myself of lineage of the colonial mindset that I carry. Other offerings have presented things from an intellectual standpoint and honestly miss the important need for healing of the heart.

This offering was life changing for me and something my heart has been yearning for for a very long time. The medicine that you offered went in deeply to me and I feel that I am more certain in my commitment to unlearning my colonial mindset than ever before. I too now hold out for myself that the New Earth will happening within my lifetime – thank you so very much for bringing yourself, guides, and healed ancestors to this container. I very much look forward to hopefully participating in more offering in whatever way makes sense to you- in deepest gratitude.

For the first time in a very long time, maybe ever, I felt a deep connection to Mother Earth and a deepening sense of spirituality. I felt that I really got the connection between healing from the colonized mindset and the importance of deepening of my own sense of spirituality. I can not do the shadow work without the Spiritual grounding". Thank you Dra. Rocio!!


Kris Meilahn (she/her)


How Decolonial Shadow Work: Unlearning the White Colonial Mind Benefits You & Us All

  • Feel a deeper connection to your own roots and healed, ancient ancestors

  • Move through white guilt and shame and confidently alchemize it into right action

  • Unlearn colonial programming that harms you, BIPOC, and the land

  • See & co-create a path out of this harmful paradigm…and together create a new one

  • Feel deeply aligned and know that you’re walking in Integrity

  • Feel a deeper connection to Mother Earth

  • Honor your humanity and your spiritual journey so that you too can be well and resourced

  • Know that you are actively working toward right relationship

  • Say yes to your soul’s calling and the collective and know how to work towards your future legacy

  • Begin the journey of practicing a rooted spirituality without appropriating

  • Understand and practice accountability without collapsing

  • Develop rituals and practices so that you can continue to show up and stay well and resourced

  • Have a clearer understanding of how to right the wrongs of your lineage     


It is time to confront what has kept us separate & unwell.

Your original template is not domination, superiority, and extraction.​

This is for you if you are beginning to understand that the privileges you have been granted as a white person have created an imbalance on Earth and in your own spirit becuase you and your lineage have taken more than their fair share.

You are beginning to see that the access and benefits you have received have not led to the happiness and fulfillment that the mainstream Western patriarchal capitalist society has promised you.​

You are beginning to sense that these promises are colonial capitalist patriarchal illusions and you DO NOT CONSENT.

In this course, I guide you to ways that honor and sustain you so that you can continue to show up for your soul’s mission AND for our collective liberation.

This is not for everyone.

This space is only for the white people in spiritual resonance, who show up in reverence, who show up in respect and right relationship with me, & who are familiar with my work, or with decolonizing, have taken my courses, or have begun their anti-racism and spiritual journey.

This space is only for white people who are willing to unlearn their colonized mind so that they can show up in their full humanity, embody their decolonial and spiritual values, and honor their spirit's calling in this lifetime.


This is a calling in to the white people who deeply know that unlearning their colonial mind is a LEADERSHIP & SPIRITUAL issue.

This is a calling in to the white people who understand what is at stake and who see the need to do their decolonial shadow work so that they can show up to co-create healing and liberation for ALL including self.


Here we honor the spiritual, the decolonial, & the ancestral.

Here we honor ritual, energy, depth, and allow divine flow.

Here we do not shame, judge, nor force.

Here we take our rightful place in all of Creation and embody balance and harmony.

Here we are in relation with our Earth Mother and the Cosmos.

Here we are led by the Eagle & Condor prophecy & the vision of restoring balance and harmony for a new paradigm.



Ripples of Dra. Rocio's teachings continue to move through me and I continue to experience moments of synchronicity with her teachings. For this reason, it is difficult to share what I received as I continue to receive. I received a better understanding of some of the ways in which I continue to inadvertently cause harm through colonial programming and a more solid framework for living without that programming. While Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the U.S. have suffered disproportionately under the colonial system, I now see the ways in which I (and other white folx) suffer. I understand how I need to continue on this learning journey of decolonization to restore my humanity and be in right relationship with all humans. My social justice / collective liberation education prior to attending Dra. Rocio's class / circle was important and educational and this weekend's learnings landed in my body and my soul in a different way that prior teachings.

Dra. Rocio was both teaching us about decolonization and demonstrating it by holding her students with loving accountability to help us learn and grow. I highly recommend this course for any white folx who are spiritually-minded and on the journey of dismantling racism, of collective liberation, of social justice - those who have learned and are wondering how to make a real shift, those who have an intellectual understanding and have not yet felt the soul or embodied connection to a different way of being.

Dra. Rocio held us in loving kindness in a container of spirituality and empathy we co-created under her guidance and teachings. As Dra. Rocio stated, it was a "brave" space for us to show up fully, allow her teachings to land, and to begin to shift beyond learning into actively being in alignment with a decolonial life and justice for all"


Cindy Kohlmiller (she/her)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Decolonial Shadow Work:

Unlearning the White Colonial Mind

A 12 Week Journey


7 payments of


  • Pricing includes $100 off for early enrollment.
  • 7 Monthly Payments From June to December.
  • We do not charge extra for payment plans as we believe this is unjust.

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Agreements & Terms

REFUND POLICY: Decolonial Shadow Work is a  small container. If you commit to Decolonial Shadow Work, you're committing to the entire duration of the program.

There are no refunds or cancellations. Please honor this as a sacred agreement. If you decide to stop participating before the intensive, you remain responsible for completing your payments in full. ​

You are asked to show up in right relation and integrity with me as the guide, and that includes honoring our agreements and payment as energy exchange. You understand that I am not a corporation and that this work is my livelihood and sole source of income for my family and thus paying is important to receive this offering.

To preserve the integrity of the peer relationships that get cultivated, and because there are specific trainings that stack upon each other, we cannot accept new members after intake closes.

That means that if someone drops out part way through, we cannot fill their spot. Because the container is small, there’s no margin for cancellations or drop-outs and so we cannot offer refunds. If you choose to stop participating before the end date, your payments are still due in full.

Decolonial Shadow Work was birthed with significant time, energy, and financial resources. ​Once you enroll, you commit to completing the program and making all payments as scheduled. Our commitment to you and prep work begins on the day you enroll.

As a small business, we need you to make payments on schedule in order to be provided for as a family and to pay our team members who all have households and families of their own. We appreciate your integrity and understanding. With this in mind, please enroll mindfully. Please check in with your gut, your schedule, and your bank account before enrolling to make sure this is a “definite yes” for you. Thank you Danielle Cohen for this language that encourages embodiment.

Please note that when you sign up you agree to follow guidelines and codes of conduct and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program. You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other members and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties. You agree to be a guardian of this sacred space. The highest respect will be understood and given.

You also understand that all materials shared are my intellectual property and to attempt to copy, repackage, or take as your own is colonial, & out of right relationship. To protect the space and each other, Members who do not uphold these requirements will have their access revoked.

You understand that this is a professional development program and is not therapy nor healing sessions. You also understand that Dr. Rosales Meza is not a licensed psychologist. By purchasing & checking the terms & conditions box at checkout, you are providing your electronic signature & informed consent stating that you or your representative(s) fully release and hold harmless Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza & Decolonial Healing, LLC. from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with your session(s). 

Prices are in USD. This is a financial commitment. There are no refunds. This is non-transferable. Please make sure that this offering is in alignment at this time.

We appreciate your thoughtful and considerate yes and putting action behind your intention to be in sacred reciprocity & right relationship.