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A New Paradigm of Care

Decolonizing our Practice for Collective Healing & Liberation

Therapy without harming others & without harming yourself.

A 4 month Professional Development Mentorship Program & Journey

For experienced or trained therapists, psychologists, counselors, & healing practitioners.

 Ready to co-create a new paradigm of healing in which we can all live well, with decolonizing, spirituality, and Earth wisdom as the foundation.

​By application & invitation only.


16 weeks of teachings to cultivate decolonial AND spiritual competency in healing.

Program begins July 2024 - October 2024

2nd & 4th Sundays of the Month 1-2:30pm PST

Opening Session July 7th & Closing Session November 3rd

LIVE guidance calls. Recorded teachings. Captioned.

LIVE calls led by Dra. Rocio through zoom.

Limited spaces available.​


This Space Is Only For:


Those in resonance, who show up in reverence & right relationship & who are familiar  with my work, or with decolonizing, have taken my courses, or have begun their anti-racism and spiritual journey.


the healing practitioners who are willing to unlearn their colonized mind & their colonized training so that they are able to offer healing that liberates.


Therapists & Healing Practitioners who are also willing to hold the highest visions, root into Mother Earth's love, and co-birth a new paradigm. 

An Introduction to our Program

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TRUE healing & liberation requires unlearning & remembering.

Beloved, I know you care deeply.

You have a tender and fierce heart and you show up to care for others & this work deeply matters.

AND, it is also true that you have been trained to uphold the colonial capitalist patriarchal empire, without your consent.

The same colonial paradigm that colonized our communities colonized YOU TOO.

You were programmed to extract from your healing gifts to uphold an oppressive system.

You were indoctrinated to do the oppressor's work FOR THEM. 

You were trained to show up disconnected from our Earth Mother, Creation, your lineage, the spirit realms, and your full humanity.

Of course this negatively impacts your own physical, spiritual, & emotional health AND the quality of your healing practice.

Ethical care requires that you DECOLONIZE your practice. 

Showing up in Eurocentric models of care further colonizes the people & drains and depletes you too. This is the OPPOSITE of healing.

Beloved, this is an ETHICAL issue.

Being an ethical practitioner means you must unlearn the toxic programming you’ve received & internalized so that you can show up well, ethically, in right relationship, and offering healing that liberates. 

Let us reclaim our dignity AND integrity.


Dra. Rocio provided one of the kindest, most loving learning environments I have ever experienced in my life. As a seasoned Therapist, I have often been at the forefront of teaching others how to eliminate and reduce the oppressive practices of our training that are taught by our academic institutions with little to no support. For the first time in a long time, I got to experience what it feels like to be held and supported in a truly safe and inclusive environment with Dra. Rocio. 

When you take her course, you will quickly feel that she is the true embodiment of what she facilitates in her teachings and you will experience how she seamlessly incorporates Indigenous practices and the wisdom of her Ancestors and Elders throughout the course. If you are a therapist who is truly invested in not being complicit to harmful practices in your practice you absolutely should take Dra. Rocio’s mentorship program.


Cynthia Santiago-Borbón, LCSW-R, GG, AJA

Meet your teacher and Guide

Saludos Beloved, I'm Dra. Rocío

I am a Xicana/Mexicana Seer, spiritual guide, initiated medicine woman, & Counseling Psychology Ph.D., on the Ñusta Paqo path in the Q’ero Inca lineage. I come from a matriarchal lineage and my medicine is very much rooted in the feminine, in matriarchal medicine, and in the Earth and cosmic ways.

My work is potent because of the gifts and channel the divine has given me and because of the powerful ancestors, matriarchs, & guides that show up with me.

The purpose of my work is to support you on your journey and to provide guidance that cultivates holistic wellness, connects you to a deeper sense of spirituality, and brings you back to your ancestors, guides, and your own wisdom & medicine so that together we live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

I have more than 20 years of professional experience as a healer & teacher, and am able to hold potent healing space for others as this is a skill in my blood lineage, with my abuelita and my mama as my greatest teachers. In my training as a counseling psychologist, I provided and practiced thousands of hours of therapy. While I decided against licensure, I value the skills I acquired through my practice and the mentorship provided by BIPOC psychologists, like Dr. Jeanett Castellanos, Dr. Thomas Parham, & the Godfather of Black Psychology, Dr. Joe White amongst others. The direct practice and mentorship I was honored to receive taught me a psychology & therapy that centered the people, an Indigenous worldview, and liberation.

I am able to hold compassion for all and facilitate healing for them in decolonial work because of my medicine path in the Q'ero Inca lineage and because I am aware that there was a time I did not have this consciousness.

That first-hand experience allows me to meet you compassionately because I see how much of our collusion is unconscious and is seen as "just the way things are", often masked as "progress." I deeply understand how much of a shock and disappointment it can be to awaken to colonial collusion and how what we need is guidance, truth telling, and compassion - not shame and judgment.

My previous work was as a therapist and professor, but my path now weaves ancestral ways and new ways to meet the prophecy of these times. My work is deeply rooted in Earth and Cosmic wisdom. I walk and work in between the earthly and spiritual realms as a claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I come from a long line of healers and was born with psychic, channeling, and mediumship gifts.​

I am able to see beyond this ordinary reality to bring forth the highest timelines and visions into our earthly reality. I am grateful to my teachers, Pampamesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza, Don Justino Apaza, & Mesa Carrier and Medicine Woman Marilu Shinn for helping me remember.

The vow I’ve taken as a medicine woman and the agreement my soul has made in this lifetime is to help restore harmony and balance to the world, personally & collectively. And that’s why I offer this work to you.

How I do it differently

What Makes A New Paradigm of Care Unique

A New Paradigm of Care guides you to decolonize your practice and honor yourself & the people you serve so that you can show up in the embodiment of holistic care to be able to co-create a collective future in which we are ALL well.


1. I am clear about the need for therapists to decolonize their training.

This is non-negotiable. It is important to decolonize so that therapists & healing practitioners do not unconsciously colonize the people by providing care through a Eurocentric lens and practices that either exasperate problems or gaslight them. 


2. I actually disagree with the sentiments that we should throw away all your training.

 I don't believe decolonizing means that your skills should be discarded. I trust in your natural gifts & the skills you have developed through years of experience in the field. A New Paradigm of Care is here to help offer you guidance & mentorship to keep the skills you've attained that you know are helpful to your community AND divest from the practices that are colonial.


3. I disagree with the rhetoric that states that you should be offering your healing practice in a way that serves the people but doesn't honor your needs.

This is servitude and only transfers suffering, it does not end it. The truth is that for you to show up ethically in your capacity, your healing work needs to be sustainable. As big as your heart is, you need to make money, you need to work in a way that honors your energetic and emotional capacity. This is not just about mindset, but about somatics, and processing the emotional layers & colonial patriarchal programming that has us colluding with our own oppression as healers. This is the guidance I offer to you.

A New Paradigm of Care is here to bridge the gaps in your training & support you.

We help you bring together all the hours spent in trainings & certifications so that you can offer healing that is responsive to the needs of the people and the call of these times.

A New Paradigm of Care is here to nurture your wellness & medicine.

We are also here to help you identify and nurture your unique medicine so that you can bring your gifts to the world and facilitate collective healing & liberation, which must include you too.



Before I started A New Paradigm of Care I was burning the candle at both ends, I couldn't answer the question, "What are your gifts?" and I was deeply caught in a colonial cycle that was harming myself and the collective. From my first call with Dra. Rocio, I felt a greater connection to my healed ancestors and started to see more clearly not only how I was colluding with colonialism, but also a path forward to begin unlearning colonialism as a white bodied mental health practitioner. Dra. Rocio has a gentle yet surgically precise way of speaking truth that brings transformation to her students. I now feel I can show up more fully for myself, my gifts, and the collective as I continue the life long spiritual work embodying a new pardigm. I am forever grateful for Dra. Rocio and A New Paradigm of Care.


Abby Howard (she/her/hers), MSW, LCSW, CPCC


It is time to recalibrate, remember, & vision new ways.

I believe you incarnated to support the birthing of a new paradigm and that your gifts are immensely needed. 

In A New Paradigm of Care, I guide you to ways that honor and sustain you so that you can continue to show up for your soul’s mission AND for the people.

This is not for everyone.

This is a calling in to the healing practitioners who understand what is at stake and who see the need to decolonize their practice so that they can show up to co-create healing and liberation for ALL including self.

Here we honor the spiritual, the decolonial, & the ancestral.

Here we honor ritual, energy, depth, and allow divine flow.

Here we do not shame, judge, nor force.

Here we take our rightful place in all of Creation and embody balance and harmony.

Here we are in relation with our Earth Mother and the Cosmos.

Here we are led by the Eagle & Condor prophecy & the vision of the New Earth.

Here your vessel is honored and nourished.

Here your unique medicine is cultivated & embraced.


To Birth A New Paradigm  we Need us in Right Relationship.

It is time to end the archaic models that encourage depletion & invite collusion.

It is time to shed the colonial narratives that are keeping us in a spiritual prison.

It is time to divest from the colonial frameworks that continue to cause more suffering.

Forcing yourself to fit into restrictive, colonial patriarchal models of care harm you and those you serve & this is the OPPOSITE of what you value & the antithesis of healing & liberation.

Instead of complying with colonialism, I invite you into exploring a practice that honors your communities and all of you.

Let us explore new models of care that respond to the call of these times and restore harmony and balance to our world.

Let us co-create a new paradigm of care where we are well, whole, and resourced so that we can birth the times of collective liberation.


The 4 Month Journey:

We commence in ceremony in communal prayer & call in intentions:

Opening Session

We commune & learn for 4 months:

10 LIVE gatherings

8 teachings

4 months of deschooling, unlearning, decolonizing, & remembering

I teach in Indigenous oral tradition, not in an academic way.

I hold space as a matriarch and medicine woman.

I  meet the moment, & am responsive to the energy present.

I work in collaboration with my guides and ancestors and invite students to experience the teachings & receive from their heart and soul to embody the medicine.

Our container is process oriented, & teachings emerge.

You receive real time mentorship, guidance, & consultation.

We flow with the medicine & honor emergence.

We conclude in ceremony:

Closing Ceremony

The benefits...

How a New a Paradigm of Care benefits you and the people you serve:

  • Decolonize your practice so that you do not colonize the people coming to you
  • Elevate your discernment to retain the skills & healing practices that align with your values and have observed are helpful & divest from those that are harmful and contribute to marginalization and oppression
  • Embody ethical care and integrity in your therapy & healing work
  • Unlearn colonial programming & toxic work habits so that you don't oppress yourself & can develop rituals for you to stay well, and show up skilled 
  • Understand and be able to articulate to those you work with that colonization is the root cause of unwellness
  • Learn the energetics of caring for others to decrease burnout and resentment from overgiving and being underpaid, tired, and uninspired
  • Learn to honor your capacity & establish your care as a fundamental pillar of your work
  • Decenter the fear of malpractice in your healing work to show up fully
  • Deepen your relationship with your spirituality without cultural appropriation 
  • Explore justice-centered pricing models that create sustainability for the people you work with AND for your practice
  • Liberate your soul work & co-create a new paradigm of care & wellness 
  • Create a work life that is harmonious with the life you want and the liberation we all need
  • Connect with other likehearted decolonial & spiritual practitioners and experience nervous system co-regulation because doing it alone is colonial. We need supportive spaces to push back against the system & to be nourished while doing it.

A New Paradigm of Care

A 4 month Professional Development Program

10 Live Calls

You will receive live guidance from Dra. Rocio.

8 Modules

8 Decolonial & Spiritual Teachings to elevate you practice and serve in integrity.


To spiritually support and resource you. Meditations to connect with the medicine of Mother Earth, and your healed ancestors.

Spiritual Guidance

To support you on this journey as you decolonize, remember, and cultivate your unique medicine.


I came into Dra.'s cohort longing for guidance and support around my role as a spiritual companion and counselor. I had a felt sense that I needed to slow down in order to come into a deeper understanding of the ways I have internalized colonization as a European-American, and how that has affected the support I wish to provide others. 


This cohort experience helped me deepen my understanding of so many subtle ways to get back into right relationship, to hold onto a baseline of joy, to resist the norms of domination and exploitation, to honor my unique medicine, and to hold a vision of our collective liberation. Through her gentle guidance, Dra. helped us (and me) to collectively call back our spirits. 


here's the details

A 4 Month Professional Development Program


July - October 2024

LIVE Calls held on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the Month

1-2:30pm PST


Class held twice a month for depth, intentionality, & journeying.
View Full Curriculum Schedule


Dr. Meza’s teachings helped me remember my ancestral medicine in ancestral ways. I felt supported through her teachings and live guidance. Being in a sacred space that respected and recognized my medicine, I know, made it easier for me to expand my therapeutic offerings steeped in honoring my ancestral lineage and decolonizing my practice by divesting from Western therapy. 


Serena Viktor,Medicine Woman - Makhosi Gogo  Serena
MSW| |Certified in Indigenous Psychotherapy & NTU Psychotherapy

Bonus Offerings

4 Bonus Teachings + 4 Guided Journal Workbooks

You Receive Upon Enrollment ($171 Value):

Bonus #1

Decolonize Your Mind

This teaching is intentionally created as an introduction to the Decolonial & Spiritual path. You will unlearn the ways in which you have been programmed to uphold oppressive systems.

Bonus #2

Colonization is the Root of all Unwellness

In this live stream teaching you will learn how colonization impacts our collective and personal wellness. You will be encouraged to understand how your emotions in witnessing colonial violence are an appropriate reaction.

Bonus #3

Why we Must not forget the spirit in the decolonial

This is for you if you have felt "too Decolonial" for Spiritual spaces and "too Spiritual" for the Decolonial spaces.

Bonus #4

spirituality must confront the colonial shadow

Unity consciousness is not possible unless we unlearn the ways we are colluding. In this live stream teaching, you will learn how you cannot have true spirituality unless you do your Decolonial Shadow Work®.

You will also receive:

A Guided Journal Workbook to support you in your self-reflection.

Journal questions to support you as you journey, along with guidelines for spiritual ritual and practices to help you ground as you decolonize.

The Registration Process:

  1. Pay the application fee at the link below.
  2. Once your application fee is paid, you'll receive a link with the application.
  3. Fill out your application (takes about 30 mins).
  4. If your application is not a fit, we'll let you know within 24 hours and refund your $500 application fee.
  5. If you are accepted, your fee goes towards your payment.
  6. Teachings & live sessions start in July!

What Are My Early Enrollment Payment Plan Options?


 If you opt-in in April
  • monthly payments of $416.67 starting April & ending in September
  • payments of $416.67 vs 4 payment of $750 when the doors open in June.
If you opt-in in May
  • monthly payments of $500 starting May & ending in September
  • payments of $500 vs 4 payment of $750 when the doors open in June.


May 31st is the last day for the early enrollment extended 5 payment plan

Frequently Asked Questions

A New Paradigm of Care

A 4 Month Professional Development & Mentorship Program

By Application & Invitation Only.

Spaces available on a first come, first served basis.

6 payments of


  • Due today: $500 Non-Refundable Application Fee

  • Remainder Payable Upon Application Approval

  • 6 Monthly Payments From March to September
  • We do not charge extra for payment plans as we believe this is unjust.

Pay in Full


  • Due today: $500 Non-Refundable Application Fee

  • Remainder Payable Upon Application Approval

  • As a self-financed Xicana business & as the sole provider of my family, we would so appreciate it if you would pay in  full. This makes a significant impact on my business and my family's livelihood as this is our only source of income (we're a family business). Thank you for honoring if you are able.



Agreements & Terms

REFUND POLICY: A new paradigm of care is a  small container. If you commit to a new paradigm of care, you're committing to the entire duration of the program.

You have until May 31, 2024 to cancel your enrollment. After this date, there are no refunds or cancellations. Please honor this as a sacred agreement. If you decide to stop participating before the intensive, you remain responsible for completing your payments in full. ​

You are asked to show up in right relation and integrity with me as the guide, and that includes honoring our agreements and payment as energy exchange. You understand that I am not a corporation and that this work is my livelihood and sole source of income for my family and thus paying is important to receive this offering.

To preserve the integrity of the peer relationships that get cultivated, and because there are specific trainings that stack upon each other, we cannot accept new members after intake closes.

That means that if someone drops out part way through, we cannot fill their spot. Because the container is so small, there’s no margin for cancellations or drop-outs and so we cannot offer refunds. If you choose to stop participating before the end date, your payments are still due in full.

A New Paradigm of Care was birthed with significant time, energy, and financial resources. ​Once you enroll, you commit to completing the program and making all payments as scheduled. Our commitment to you and prep work begins on the day you enroll.

As a small business, we need you to make payments on schedule in order to be provided for as a family and to pay our team members who all have households and families of their own. We appreciate your integrity and understanding. With this in mind, please enroll mindfully. Please check in with your gut, your schedule, and your bank account before enrolling to make sure this is a “definite yes” for you. Thank you Danielle Cohen for this language that encourages embodiment.

Please note that when you sign up you agree to follow guidelines and codes of conduct and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program. You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other members and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties. You agree to be a guardian of this sacred space. The highest respect will be understood and given.

You also understand that all materials shared are my intellectual property and to attempt to copy, repackage, or take as your own is colonial, & out of right relationship. To protect the space and each other, Members who do not uphold these requirements will have their access revoked.

You understand that this is a professional development program and is not therapy nor healing sessions. You also understand that Dr. Rosales Meza is not a licensed psychologist. By purchasing & checking the terms & conditions box at checkout, you are providing your electronic signature & informed consent stating that you or your representative(s) fully release and hold harmless Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza & Decolonial Healing, LLC. from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with your session(s). 

Prices are in USD. This is a financial commitment. There are no refunds. This is non-transferable. Please make sure that this offering is in alignment at this time.

We appreciate your thoughtful and considerate yes and putting action behind your intention to be in sacred reciprocity & right relationship.