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Let's Co-create 

Lets Work Together


Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza is honored to serve as a vessel for decolonizing and spirituality work
to facilitate healing, wellness, and liberation. Speaking topics include:

  • Personal and Collective healing and liberation

  • Reclaiming our joy and wellness in times of trauma

  • Remembering our ancient spirituality and medicine

  • Healing ancestral and intergenerational trauma

  • How we confront colonial wounding with recreating a cycle of oppression

  • Doing Our Decolonial Shadow Work™ To Be Able To Birth The New Earth

  •  Unlearning & Divesting from The White Colonial Mind™

  • Colonial Mentality & Intergenerational Colonial Trauma 

  • Decolonial Healing™  & Decolonizing for Wellness & Spirituality

  • Wellness for women of color​

  • Unlearning new age spirituality & honoring harmony and balance

  • Unlearning Eurocentric psychology and embracing our ancestral medicine

  • Honoring your Unique medicine 

  • Alchemizing Fear to honor your soul's path

  • Cultivating our Relationship with Creation & Embracing our Earth Mother

  • Honoring the Ancient Matriarch Within

  • Reclaiming our Power in Integrity and Right Relationship


Dra. Rocio's fees reflect an internally determined sliding scale based on an organization's privilege and power. This fee system is an intentional effort to redistribute resources more equitably and, most importantly, to support and strengthen co-conspirators working on the ground in support of Black and Indigenous liberation.

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