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Your Wellness is Essential...

Saludos love,

Beloveds, let’s talk about how much we’ve internalized the colonizer that we feel SHAME for honoring our wellness.

Let’s talk about how much we’ve internalized the colonizer that we don’t allow other people to be free.

Let’s talk about how much we’ve internalized the colonizer that we judge others when they take care of themselves.

Let’s talk about how much we’ve internalized the colonizer that we criticize people for not taking on more...more work & more pain.

Now doesn’t that sound familiar? We are acting like colonizers to EACH OTHER.

Even when we say we want liberation, we don’t allow each other to be free. We get upset when folx set boundaries to honor their wellness.

Beloveds, this is a love letter challenging us to allow each other to be FREE. To allow each other to be WELL.

We won’t get to collective healing & liberation at the rate some of y’all are going. We just won’t. We’re wasting energy and focus by keeping each other down, policing each other, not allowing each other to be human.

This won’t bring back the times of right relationship, of harmony, of balance.

We can dream in this New Earth into being but first we need to remember that we are already sovereign.

We must decolonize, YES.

But we cannot become defined by colonial labels & colonial pain, because then they’ve already won.

Because then our mental shackles remain & we’re still playing their game.

Dear ones, this is a reminder that your wellness is not a betrayal to the movement, it is ESSENTIAL to the movement.

This is how we will have the energy to dream in, a more equitable, compassionate world.

Join me Wednesdays on IG live 7pm ish PST to chat more.

&, save the date for Sunday Oct 25th , 7pm PST & Sunday’s thereafter for LIVE Collective Spiritual Meditations for ALL folx. The exchange is $35.

I felt called to bring back my offerings to help us navigate what’s ahead. DM me if you’re joining & for questions.

Loving you 💖

P.S. This message is for all, though of course white folx have a responsibility to do more, not less to bring in this New World. No spiritual bypassing beloveds.

Dear ones, do you see how our wellness is essential to the movement ?

Dr. Rosales Meza

Dear One,

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