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We Rise 2020: Heal & Triumph; Releasing Generational Trauma (Mental Health) Discussion


Who would you be without limitations?

Join Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza, Devi Brown and Gloria Lucas for an hour-long discussion on generational trauma: what it is, how it impacts our view of ourselves, and explore ways to heal and release fear. Moderated by Melanie Santos.

Please enjoy the video below.

Playtime is 1:04:14

Discussion Panelists

Information about the panel. Click images below for more information about panelists.

  • Melanie Santos: Moderator, Wellness Leader

  • Devi Brown: Wellness Educator, Healer, Author

  • Gloria Lucas: Eating Disorder Awareness Activist

  • Dr. Rosales Meza: Intuitive Healer, Energy Worker, Counseling Psychology PhD

About We Rise

WE RISE 2020: Virtual May is a month-long spotlight on wellbeing and healing through art, music and creative expression to help the entire Los Angeles County community. We are stronger together. And, together, we are building a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging, connection, meaning and purpose. This is a safe space where all are welcome.

This May, you’ll find opportunities for creativity, conversation and connection even while we remain physically apart. Let’s look to hope and recovery during Mental Health Awareness Month. Let’s rise together.

Visit for more information and to explore the full month of programming!

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