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  • Dr Rocio Rosales Meza

May You Feel Your Ancestors Love

Saludos love,

For those in diaspora with heavy hearts today, may you feel your ancestors love.

May you deprogram the suffering and know you are worthy of LIVING.

May you recognize that the feeling of unworthiness is not you but the colonizer’s voice.

May you know that the difficulty rooted in not being “enough” is a colonial lie, that you are enough as you are and that you are worthy of connecting and reclaiming.

May you continue to hear your ancestors call.

May you honor the call to be in right relationship with our Mother Earth.

May you honor the call to bring forth the times of balance and harmony.

May you know that your ancestors live through you and that you are worthy as you are.

Honoring your courage to be on this journey of decolonial healing beloved.

And, a loving reminder that decolonizing is an act of LOVE.

Love for ourselves, for our peoples, for our ancestors, for our Indigenous ways, for our lands.

Beautiful one, may you feel your ancestral love, not the colonial judgment.

May you remember the importance of connecting to them spiritually.

Decolonial Healing is hard work. And, it’s work but it’s also spiritual. It’s heart work. It’s an embodiment.

When it becomes difficult, may you invoke ancestral love, ancestral guidance, and deep ancestral protection.

& because our ancestors weren’t allowed, may we bask in the glory of love and rest and joy and ease.

Ancestors are with us. Now more than ever. May you feel their love.

You are so very worthy dear heart.

Loving you 💖

Dr. Rosales Meza

Dear One,

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