• Dr Rocio Rosales Meza

The Liberation of a Xicana Professor & Mother

My intention is to create a community space for our healing, activism, and liberation. I hope to uplift and encourage you to be your full selves. I hope that here you feel validated and inspired to live your truth. I hope that in sharing of myself, you also feel at peace with who you are, knowing that you are worthy just as you are.

That you deserve peace, joy, and to not just survive, but thrive in this world. I hope that you feel a sense of calm to listen to spirit and your intuition to find your calling.

And then, I hope you feel empowered to use your gifts to create peace and social justice for our communities. It's taken me a long time to get here, but here I am. I have been a professor in academia for 10 years and am expanding into community work. This is where I feel called, most alive, and most needed. I did not get here alone. I am here because of the sacrifices of my ancestors, my abuelitos, my mother who raised me and my sisters as a single mom, my mentors who paved the way for me to achieve a doctorate, the highest degree in the land.

I did not grow up privileged, and I would have never imagined that this was possible for me. I am a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants, first generation born in the U.S., a native Spanish speaker, grew up working poor in Santa Ana, and am a first generation high school graduate. I recognize and welcome the responsibility I have to my communities and hope to create space for more of us. Because we too belong and matter. I work to make myself visible in my community and just as I am, so that mi gente and our youth can see themselves in me and see the possibilities for themselves. I am a psychologist and a professor, but I am also a daughter, hermana, comadre, wife, friend, community member, and most importantly a mother. My pronouns are she/her and I identify as a Xicana/Mexicana muxer y madre. I am just as you are, human and spirit, and look forward to connecting with you. I am because we are, and together we can. I'd love to hear from you. How does this resonate with you? What are you reflecting on as you read this?


Decolonizing your Mind,

Liberating Your Spirit