Collective Spiritual Meditation Series

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Live weekly collective meditation sessions to heal and support you and the collective during this difficult time in our world.


Because your wellness is not a betrayal to the movement, it is essential to the movement.

Sundays from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm PST

The sessions are “come as you are” and are held via Zoom webinar style so that you don’t have to worry about showing up on camera and can just BE.

The exchange for this offering is $35

You do not have to be an expert to be able to participate and connect in these sessions. I will guide and encourage you, all you need is trust and intention, your intention is the most powerful.

The sessions are “come as you are” and are held via Zoom webinar style so that you don’t have to worry about showing up on camera and can just BE.

Thank you for your trust beloved, it is my deep honor to serve. I look forward to our journey together. All my love.

Collective Spiritual Meditation Series

Do I need to know how to connect to the spiritual realms to join? I’m a beginner.

All folx are welcome, and folx at all levels of their spiritual journey are encouraged to join. We create sacred space together and I will provide guidance for how to connect.

Where will we meet?

We will meet virtually over Zoom. Healing and energy cannot be confined by space or time. My healings are powerful because I serve as a vessel for Spirit and healing and come from a healing lineage. You will be able to connect spiritually and receive healing through this virtual portal.

Do I need to have my camera on to join?

No :), this will be offered in a webinar-style so that you can just receive and be and not have to worry about being on camera. You will feel our collective energy and sacred space without having to worry about being “on.”

Can White folx and men join?

Yes, I am called to offer this healing to all folx as we need all of us for collective healing and liberation. My elder continually shares that all of humanity needs healing to bring in the times of right relationship. As long as you are in alignment with my values of decolonizing, embracing the divine feminine in you, and collective healing and liberation, you are welcome to join. We are stronger together. May we heal together and get free.

Are refunds offered?

There are no refunds offered once you sign-up. Please make sure this offer is in alignment with you at this current moment.

Can I attend the next session, if I miss a session?

I show up in integrity and I ask that you please do the same. Because of the nature of the work, and to honor my boundaries and that of my support team of women of color, if you miss a session, you will need to sign up and pay for another session. Spending time to attend to folx who missed a session is not the best use of our energy, thank you for honoring our boundaries.

Once I sign-up what happens?

Once you sign-up you'll receive an email with the link to the Zoom room where we'll be virtually gathering, a link to a form to submit your intentions, and a document outlining a spiritual ritual to do before we gather.

What if I sign-up and don't receive the email?

First, check your spam folder and then if you still don't see it, reach out to

Decolonial Healing Collective



Frequently Asked Questions

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To access or use this healing, you must be 18 years or older and have the required mental capacity to enter into and abide by this Disclaimer. By using this website, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you agree to the Disclaimer herein.

We will assume that all individuals choosing to participate in the spiritual meditation will have previously obtained clearance and permission from their applicable personal medical physician or therapist.

You understand that the spiritual meditation is not to be considered medical advice for any reason, and nothing herein is intended to provide or act as a substitute for mental health treatment. You understand and agree that while I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and have been trained and educated to provide counseling, I am not a licensed psychologist, I am a Seer, Healer, Medicine Woman and, this is offer is intended to be a self-help tool only.


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