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Image by Jaimie Phillips


Decolonizing our Practice for a New Earth

Care without carrying.

Therapy without colonizing others & without harming yourself.

An Intimate Mentorship & Professional Development Program

with Live Group Guidance 

For experienced therapists, healing practitioners, & coaches 


Ready to co-create a new paradigm of healing in which we can all live & work well, with decolonizing & Earth wisdom as the foundation.

This space is only for those in resonance, who show up in reverence & right relationship & who are familiar with my work, or with decolonizing, have taken my courses, or have begun their anti-racism and spiritual journey.

This space is only for the healing practitioners who are willing to unlearn their colonized mind & their colonized training so that they are able to offer healing that liberates.

Join the second cohort and community of decolonizing therapists & healing practitioners!


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