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Hi Toi.. This is strictly layout and an idea we had but all colors, text size, fonts, photos are just rough layout drafts. Please feel free to put your magic touch on it and change as you feel fit or completely start from scratch  please. I am not good at all on designing and making things look pretty. Thank you so much for all you have done for us and the business, Toi. We wouldn't be here without you!

This is for the women & femmes of color that understand it is the colonial systems that are making us unwell AND that we are more powerful than what we have been led to believe. 


This is for the women & femmes of color who seek to see, speak, hear and live from a place of power, not from a place of the wound.


This is for the women & femmes of color who understand decolonizing is a pathway, not a DESTINATION.


This is for the empathic, highly sensitive, intuitive women & femmes of color who seek to be keepers of the highest visions, not keepers of the pain.


This is for the women & femmes of color ready to embody the divine feminine and divest from a colonial patriarchal life that keeps you in servitude, tired, & hiding.


This is for the women & femmes of color who are ready to practice ALCHEMY & SOVEREIGNTY.

This is for you if you know that we must not focus on the wound, that we shouldn’t identify with colonial labels, that we should honor ourselves, our pace, & our intuition

.... and yet you still encounter fear, the oppressive voice, the patriarchal pace, & a tendency to shrink and want to hide when you think of fully embracing your power, your gifts, & your light.


Beloved, struggling with self doubt, with self care, feeling disconnected from Spirit, our Mother Earth, & your body, are NOT innate. 

This is the indoctrination of  the colonial capitalist patriarchy.


I believe we can confront & unlearn the colonial programming AND ALSO reclaim our power to transform dense energies, & bring forth our highest destinies.

I believe you can become skilled in both navigating the harmful colonial, patriarchal messaging AND in transmuting to show up as your highest self, ready to bring forth the prophecies of the new world being led by you, the divine feminine

May we remember our sovereignty, take what was meant to kill us, and alchemize, to tap into our power and sacred gifts.

In Balance And Harmony

Unlearning  Decolonizing 

Through a Spiritual Lens 

Let’s unlearn the indoctrination and transmute the heaviness.

Let’s navigate this liminal space of shedding and remembering.

Let us cultivate our inner knowing, remember our power, in harmony with Creation,

And use this to answer the call of these prophetic times…


To evolve, To rise, To co-birth the better world we are seeking.

To Restore Balance Within and Without.

Welcome, 2022

Welcome to a year of evolution

Welcome to a year of embodiment of the divine feminine

Welcome to a year of  DECOLONIAL ALCHEMY


                                       - Ehime Ora

Welcome to a year of transformation

Image by Prashant Saini
Join Now

Meet Your Guide


I'm Dra. Rocio

Dra. Rocío is a Xicana/Mexicana Indigenous women in diaspora. She is a Seer, initiated medicine woman, on the ñusta paqo path in the Q’ero Inca lineage, & is a Counseling Psychology Ph.D. She is also an unschooling mama to a 5 year old child who holds supernatural gifts. Dra. Rocio’s path is that of a medicine woman, she is not a Licensed Psychologist, as she is not aligned with the colonial Eurocentric field of today. She honors the traditional path, her ancestral medicine. She comes from a long line of healers on both her maternal and paternal lineages and was born with psychic, channeling, and mediumship gifts.
Dra. Rocio’s work has had a global impact to evolve the collective consciousness. Dra. Rocio’s work is deeply rooted in Indigenous wisdom, medicine, and worldview. She believes in the prophecies of many Indigenous nations, including the Condor and Eagle prophecy of the Q’ero nation which names this time as the time that humanity must evolve and shift into sacred reciprocity with Mother Earth and all of Creation to end the times of chaos and harm.
Dra. Rocio’s work is at the intersections of decolonizing, spirituality, and wellness. She walks and works in between the earthly and spiritual realms. Dra. Rocio is able to see beyond this ordinary reality to bring forth the highest timelines and visions into our earthly reality. She is grateful to her teachers, Pampamesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza and medicine woman Marilu Shinn for helping her REMEMBER.

Dra. Rocio practices energy medicine & “Shamanic” earth based medicine. While she does decolonial work, that is only part of her work. Dra. Rocio views her decolonial work as the passageway to restore harmony and balance and integrates energy & earth based medicine through her offerings as she believes it provides the deep roots that are needed to dive into this intense work or it can become destructive.
At the core, Dra. Rocio’s work is about healing from humanity’s collective shadow, colonization and remembering we are all peoples of the Earth carrying medicine that will help us to remember the sacred ways. She deeply believes in dismantling the oppressive colonial paradigm as it is this very system that has made us unwell, that has uprooted, fragmented, and disconnected us from Spirit in all things, from our Great Mother, from self, and each other. As a medicine woman, Dra. Rocio knows that collective healing and liberation begins with healing self and unlearning harmful programming so that we can then act in ways to restore the times of harmony and balance.


Our Wellness Is About


Decolonial Alchemy is about our ability to create a new paradigm in balance with Creation, and we know that starts with us.

Decolonial Alchemy is about becoming a clear vessel for the new world.

Decolonial Alchemy is about remembering that we come from ancient peoples who carried potent medicine, & that too is in our DNA.

Decolonial Alchemy is not just about acknowledging the pain in our blood, but the gifts, the strengths, the wisdom we innately carry.

In the journey of Decolonial Alchemy, we can begin to call back our power, collect our energy, & transform ourselves to answer the call of these prophetic times.


Decolonial Alchemy is about SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY.

We will learn how to:


  • Reclaim our Peace

  • Honor our Intuition

  • Connect with Mother Earth

  • Honor Feminine Energy & Cyclical Ways of Being

  • Live in Sacred Reciprocity

  • Transmute dense energies

  • Call back your Spirit

  • Honor our Wellness as a Birthright0

  • Live in Infinite Time

  • Honor Creation & the web of life

  • Attune to the highest visions so that together we can create alchemy & birth a new world. 

In this journey, we remember WE ARE ALCHEMISTS.


A journey in lasting spiritual sovereignty and transmutation so you can evolve & live well, personally & collectively

Female Anna’s hummingbird_edited.png

Decolonial Alchemy


Join Now

A virtual, 9 month immersion (March-November) in alchemizing, unlearning, & remembering.

A journey in which you will be encouraged to slow down, embody the energy of the divine feminine to access your wisdom, power, and medicine


A journey in which you will unlearn the harmful colonial patriarchy that keeps you performing, overgiving, depleted, and hiding


Gather for a journey in which you will be encouraged to practice ALCHEMY &  SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY


Monthly Call Schedule

Monthly Teaching


Monthly teaching will be released the 5th of every month.


Live Meditation


Monthly meditation will be held on the New Moon of each month


Live Guidance Call


Monthly live guidance call will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.


Slow Down, Flow, Remember Mother Earth’s Pace

Join us, or listen to the recordings, your pace is honored here.

Join Now


Every month, you will receive a teaching from me at the intersections of spirituality, wellness, and decolonizing to help guide you on your journey of unlearning.


Monthly  Recorded Teachings:



You will have an opportunity to receive live group guidance  from me in our monthly group call to receive support on your journey. During this live call, you will receive channeled messages and group guidance from me. I channel messages and answer the questions I am called to answer, trusting that what we receive is exactly what we are meant to receive at this point in our journey. An open heart, and deep trust are needed to join.


Monthly Live Guidance Call:


Monthly Recorded Guided Meditation:


To tend to your spirit as you move into this new way of being. And to be able to alchemize, we must continually tap into our highest selves and the spirit realms.

Monthly guided meditation sessions are offered by Dra. Rocio to replenish, recalibrate, and cultivate our peace, wellness, & the highest visions.



Access to a Vault of Sacred Practices & Journal Prompts to support you on your journey when you need.


Vault Of Sacred Practices: SOVEREIGNTY

All events recorded so that you can access

in divine time, at your own pace.

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