You fear failure and you fear the unknown, yet you know you can’t continue to live this way. You know in your soul that what you’re doing right now is not your calling. You’re trying to push forward, but you feel stuck, unsure of what’s holding you back.

You’ve read all the books and tried all the healing. But, why even after using all these tools is it still so hard?


[ Beautiful soul, it's time to reclaim your

power and liberate your spirit ]  

I am dedicated to our collective wellness and liberation, and I believe in addition to decolonial, liberation work, it starts with honoring your sacred spirit, your thoughts, your peace, your energy, your intuition.

And so, I have a gift for you


Download my

Affirmations for Wellness and Liberation.


It's everything you need to jumpstart your healing journey and begin to feel worthy of all your spirit desires.

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Dr. Rosales Meza

Decolonizing your Mind,

Liberating Your Spirit

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